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Textile and Soft-Contents Cleaning

One challenge after a disaster in the home has always been getting textiles and soft contents cleaned.  Beyond removing the damage on the outside of the item, if not properly sanitized bacteria can grow leading to health concerns.  This sanitization process is particularly important because these soft content items and textiles are often those that we hold closest to our body, from clothing to blankets and stuffed toys.

Tips for Preventing House Fires: Properly Dispose of Oily Rags After Use

A big, and yet often preventable, cause of fires in the home is oil-soaked rags.  Summer is a great time for home improvement projects, particularly those that need to be done outdoors.  One project that is sometimes taken on by the homeowner is staining a deck, porch or outdoor railing.  The oil-based stain soaks through the rags.  When not properly disposed of or stored, exposure to the heat outdoors and trapped oxygen can cause these oily rags to ignite.

Soot damage repairs – Pelham, NH

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Cold weather temperatures are here causing many people to find ways of warming their cold homes. This can sometime lead to an increase in fire damage and the need for fire and soot damage repairs. Space heaters, candles, overloading extension cords are just a few of the causes of these fires. Dirty, or poorly ventilated fireplaces, old or defective furnaces, and unattended stoves are some other culprits. In any case, care must be taken to protect yourself.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company?

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A restoration company can go a long way to correcting damage to your home or business after a fire.  Experienced in handling this type of work, fire restoration professionals can address all of the damage to your home caused by the flames.  In addition, smoke can leave behind its own damage, including a lasting odor that is often hard to remove.  A professional restoration team can remove any underlying odor.

Smoke Odor Removal – Hudson, NH

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Smoke odor – no one likes the smell of smoke odor. It’s a thick, choking smell that seems to permeate throughout your home or business. The terrible smell seems to stick in your nostrils wherever you go. The acrid odor of cigarette smoke is bad enough, but on a larger scale, it’s almost unbearable. If your Hudson, NH home has been the victim of a house fire, the smell can get intense. During a fire, smoke travels through minute cracks and crevice’s in your property. It can even seep in through the AC system and air ducts. It can land on, and stick to, furniture, carpets and upholstery. It leaves odor on everything it touches – which can be just about anything. After breathing this pungent smell for a while, you become anxious for clean air. You need to find someone who is good at smoke odor removal. Smoke odor is difficult to remove and is comprised of harmful chemicals so it’s important to get help.

Removing Smoke Odor from Your Home After a Fire

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After the fire has been put out you will likely be battling smoke odor which can linger for quite some time.  It is important that you address this, taking necessary steps to remove the smoke smell from the home.  This will allow you to put the fire and property damage fully behind you, allowing your family closure from the ordeal.

Replacing Appliances After a Fire or Flood, Is It Necessary?

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A flood or fire in the home can cause irreparable damage to appliances. Even after the fire is out or the water has been removed, it is possible that the electronic components of the appliances were damaged. High labor and repair costs often make more sense to replace these altogether.

After a Fire in Your Home, Get Rid of These Things

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After being exposed to heat, smoke, and the chemicals used by firefighters to put out the fire not everything should be salvaged. The items that you toss should include food, medicines, cosmetics and burned clothing.

Cleaning Cigarette Smoke – Derry, NH 03038

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You’ve found your first apartment; nice location, beautiful scenery, perfect amount of rooms. Not too large, but just right for you at the moment. You shut yourself in to enjoy the solitude, open your page-turner to the marked passage and, after a while you notice something you hadn’t before; the nasty, stale smell of cigarette smoke. Going over things in your mind, you realize when you viewed your new apartment, the doors and windows were open and the odor didn’t seem to gag in your throat as it does now. You feel annoyed, but glancing around your new apartment, you realize you don’t really want to leave. Cleaning cigarette smoke is no easy task but you’re prepared to make a go of it.

Smoke Odor Elimination – Manchester, NH

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When your smoker friends invade your home with the offensive smell of cigarette smoke, it can clings to your drapes, carpets and furnishings like pits to a peach. After the socializing is over, the smell still remains. Smoke odor elimination can be done at a small level on your own. Here are a few things you can do to clean the air. Ventilate your home, weather permitting; open doors and windows. Leaving a bowl of white vinegar in each affected room can help, as can boiling orange or lemon peels.

Auburn, NH Family Learns How to Prevent Future Fires in Their Home

Fires can leave a trail of devastation for homeowners, not only with the damage to the home itself but the family’s belongings. While insurance can go a long way to making the homeowner whole again, it can be difficult overcoming the emotional hurdles of losing those sentimental items. As an Auburn, NH family learned after a small fire in their home, it is well worth the effort for every homeowner to take some necessary precautions to prevent house fires.

Fire Damage Cleanup – Amherst, NH 03031

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According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), in 2015, there were over 1.3 million fires reported in the United States with roughly $14 billion dollars in property damage. This devastating disaster can strike a home or business at any time, oftentimes without warning, leaving property owners feeling overwhelmed, panicked and uncertain of what the next steps are. Whether your home or business falls victim to a fire, soot or smoke damage, Soil-Away Restoration Services are here for you! Amherst, New Hampshire (NH) home and business owners have been trusting Soil-Away—a family owned and operated firm— for over 25 years with all their fire damage needs. Contact Soil-Away’s 24/7 emergency line today to get back what fire damage has taken from you.

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