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Storm Damage

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Storm Damage

Many New Hampshire (NH) residents are accustomed to the unpredictability of New England weather. A snow storm can occur one day and then a flash flood claims the next. However, while NH residents may be familiar with the uncertainty of what tomorrow’s weather or even today’s weather will bring, the damage that storms can cause may be a bit of a question mark. Roof leaks, clogged gutters and leaking windows are all common issues that can occur after a storm strikes, and like many NH residents, we hope our home or business isn’t the next target of storm damage. Are you ready for when the next storm strikes? If not, the storm damage experts at Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services are. We will be there here to help mitigate the damages and assist in restoring your home or business back to normal.

What types of storm damage can Soil-Away help me with?

Flooding and groundwater

– Storms that produce heavy precipitation, such as snow or rain, can result in flooding and an overabundance of groundwater around the structure. When there is extensive precipitation, the moisture builds-up around and underneath the structure’s foundation, which can result in an increase of pressure against the foundation. The result? Water seeping in through holes and cracks in the foundation which can lead to basement flooding. To tackle this type of storm damage, Soil-Away experts are equipped with commercial-grade equipment to dry-out even the most moisture-ridden locations, and crews will work with your insurance company throughout the claim process.

Roof leak

– Wouldn’t it be nice if the weather station were to say to us “your home’s roof is going to leak while you are at work tomorrow due to ice dams, so don’t be surprised if you see water stains on your ceiling?” While this type of convenience hasn’t been established yet, what we do know is that roof leaks can be caused by ice dams, continuously melting snow on the roof during milder days, rain storms that allow moisture to seep into any cracks in the roof, strong winds during a storm and hail damage. Has your home or business experienced a roof leak due to a recent storm? If so, contact the storm damage experts at Soil Away today!

Clogged gutters

– Did you know that debris, such as leaves and twigs, from wind and rain storms can get trapped in your home’s gutters, causing debris build-up and clogs? Like many NH residents, clogged gutters are not the first thing on our minds after a storm occurs, but not evaluating the gutters after a storm strikes can result in costly damages and time-consuming remediation. If your home or business experiences clogged gutters after a storm, contact Soil-Away to assess the damage and work with you on what the next steps are to getting your life back to normal.

Wind driven rain

– High winds are a common accomplice during summer storms, but while these types of storms may seem harmless, high winds can result in water damage from wind driven rain. Not only does this type of storm make leaving your home an unpleasant event, but wind driven rain can blow through any open space in the structure, such as through cracks in the foundation, open doors or windows and openings in the roof, which may lead to water or flood damage. Soil-Away experts have over 25 years of water and flood damage experience, and they can mitigate storm damage in a timely and professional manner.

Leaking windows

– Many NH home or business owners may not realize they have leaking windows until after a storm strikes and they notice water leaking in through a window. Leaking windows can be caused by numerous issues including: incorrectly installed flashing or missing flashing (material used around windows to prevent moisture from leaking through), missing or cracked window sealant, cracked glazing putty around the window frame or a lack of exterior paint sealant around the window. Does your home or business experience leaking windows after a storm? If so, contact the Soil-Away water clean-up experts today.

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