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Condo Associations Choose Soil-Away Condo Associations Choose Soil-Away

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Condo Associations Choose Soil-Away

Is your condo association or board seeking a professional cleaning and restoration company to partner with? Soil-Away specializes in serving condominium complexes throughout New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA). We have been a trusted vendor for several large and small condo associations for over two decades. Soil-Away is excited to connect with you!

Your Goal: Long-Term Health and Safety of your Property

As a board, you have a collective responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for your condo community. Your goal is to maximize living quality while simultaneously managing costs. Soil-Away can assist with this process. The following paragraphs outline examples of solutions we provide to condo associations in NH and MA.

Has mold been discovered at your condo complex? This matter is a serious concern for unit owners and occupants. Soil-Away specializes in mold remediation. We will work to identify moisture issues leading to microbial growth and help remedy the situation. Soil-Away will safely and effectively remediate mold discovered at your complex. We are fully insured and certified.

Your Goal: Disaster Ready Plan

What do you do if a pipe bursts in one of your building? What do you do if there is a kitchen fire? Emergency floods and fires are very disruptive and costly. They will catch unprepared condo associations off guard.

Soil-Away will work side-by-side with your association to help prepare for disasters pertaining to water and fire damage. This is important to do BEFORE something happens! We will analyze your property and produce a facility action plan to implement in the event of a disaster. The goal is to minimize the damage and down-time if something were to happen. Condo associations who partner with Soil-Away recover from floods and fire faster.

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