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Municipality Restoration Specialist Municipality Restoration Specialist



Municipality Restoration Specialist

Municipalities have a huge responsibility when it comes to managing their facilities. Dealing with a fire, water, mold or sewer damage situation complicates things further. For that reason, municipalities turn to Soil-Away to help them mitigate and repair property damage. Whether it is a school, library or city hall, no facility is too large or small. The restoration experts at Soil-Away specialize in cleaning up and repairing municipality buildings after damage.

We partner with you to fill gaps in your disaster recovery process, which will…

  • Reduce business interruption
  • Diminish safety hazards for building occupants, by improving building health
  • Minimize overall disaster costs

Most municipalities run on tight budgets and stretch their existing staff. A property disaster could prove catastrophic to any NH or MA city. Pipe backups, lightning fires or flood damage are just a few of the threats that could heavily disrupt town operations. What is your city’s solution for getting facilities back up and running after a disaster? The commercial restoration specialists at Soil-Away are prepared 24/7 to respond to your water, flood, fire, mold and sewer damage emergencies. We will help you get your city buildings back up and running.



Pre-Disaster Planning for your Municipality Buildings

Emergency PreparationWhy wait for a disaster before putting together a response and recovery plan? Experiencing a flood, fire, sewer or mold damage at an apartment complex is inevitable. It is not IF it will happen, but WHEN. Soil-Away specializes in commercial restoration services. Part of the service is helping you put together emergency response protocols (ERP) before something happens. Our dedicated Risk Response Managers will work to customize a plan for your apartment complex all while utilizing proprietary software and easy to use apps.



Soil-Away is your commercial restoration specialist!

Apartment Complex Restoration

  • Experience: We have been in business since 1990. With approximately three decades of experience, our team has successfully executed significantly more projects than the average industry competitor.
  • Focus: We emphasize building relationships with commercial clients and are prepared to respond to their specialized needs. Most local restoration companies primarily deal with residential projects and are not prepared to handle a commercial loss.
  • Capacity: Whether it be project managers, certified technicians, vehicles or drying equipment, we have it all. The combination of our competent team members, equipment and resources gives us a large capacity to execute multiple projects simultaneously regardless of size and scope.
  • Network: We are a team dedicated to finding solutions for your needs. We have strategic industry partnerships with other qualified restoration contractors at the regional and national level to assist during localized catastrophic events (hurricanes, nor’easters, floods, etc…). This also allows us to find solutions for you if your company should expand to other geographic markets.

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