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Flooded Basement Flooded Basement

Flooded Basement

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Flooded Basement

You walk down to your basement to start a load of laundry, dig-out some seasonal decorations or perform other tasks, and immediately notice your basement is flooded with water. Awestruck, you wonder what caused your basement to turn into the new swimming pool and question how you are going to remediate the issue. Whether your basement has flooded due to excessive rain from a recent storm, a clogged basement drain, sump pump failure or a water heater malfunction, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services has over 25 years of flood damage restoration experience, and will work closely with your insurance company during the claim process. Get your basement back to, well being a basement, by contacting our experts today

Soil Away Cleaning and Restoration Services knows flooded basement problems. Below, are a few of the many remediation projects we can help with:

Excessive rain

– Living in New England, residents are subject to various types of weather that can wreak havoc on their home or business as extreme weather, such as excessive rain, can cause costly repairs and flood damage. When New Hampshire (NH) residents are under the wrath of excessive rain, it can cause groundwater to build-up around the structure, resulting in rain pushing through cracks or holes in the foundation. Additionally, if your home or business is located on a slope, the rain may be directed towards the structure, instead of flowing away from it. This would create a severe flood hazard. Soil-Away has over 25 years of flood restoration experience and will is available to help 24/7.

Sump pump failure

– Sump pumps are a great item to have in any home or business, as they help keep the structure dry by pumping water that is absorbed through the ground, away from the structure through discharge pipes. However, while sump pumps are a great commodity to have, they can fail from time to time because of a defect, power outage, clogged or broken discharge pipes or an incorrectly installed sump pump. If a sump pump fails, it can cause major water damage to the basement floor, walls and neighboring items. If you are experiencing water or flood damage due to a sump pump failure, contact the restoration experts at Soil-Away today.

Clogged drains/Sewage Backup

– You walk down to your basement and notice it is flooded with water. You check the hot water heater and washing machine drain hose, but both are working properly with no indication of an issue. There is no snow build-up around the structure and there has not been a recent rain storm. What could be causing the basement flooding? The reason for the flood may be a result of a clogged basement drain or sewage pipe. If there is a blockage or break in the main water line that flows out of your home it can cause the basement drain to overflow. This could be a result of a backflow in the sewer system, tree roots that have grown into the drain line, or just clogged pipes. Sewage backup causing basement flood damage is something no home owner wants to experience, so if you need prompt flood clean-up services contact Soil-Away.

Water heater malfunction/failure

– When a basement water heater malfunctions or fails, it can result in a flooded basement with costly repairs that leave homeowners frustrated and overwhelmed. The main causes of a water heater malfunction or failure are: mineral deposits, thermal expansion, anode rod damage and an incorrect sized water heater. If you experience a water heater disaster, Soil-Away is here to work with you and your insurance company to remediate the flood damage, so you can get back to the things that matter most!

Snow build-up around foundation

– Storms that produce heavy precipitation, such as snow or rain, can result in flooding and an overabundance   of ground water around the structure. When there is extensive precipitation, the moisture builds-up around and underneath the structure’s foundation, which can result in an increase of pressure against the foundation. The result? Water seeping in through holes and cracks in the foundation which can lead to basement flooding. During the winter months, it is essential to shovel any accumulated snow away from the perimeter of the structure, otherwise, accrued snow can cause unwanted and costly water damage. Soil-Away experts are equipped with commercial-grade equipment to dry-out even the most moisture-ridden basement spots.

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