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Basement Flood Cleanup – Holderness, NH

Basement Flood Cleanup – Holderness, NH

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Basement flooding is a leading source of water damage for residential properties. The issue is usually caused by a broken pipe, failed hot-water tank or excessive ground water. Many homes in Holderness, New Hampshire (NH) are susceptible to basement floods due to their proximity to large bodies of water such as the Pemigewasset River and Squam Lake. The following paragraphs summarize a Soil-Away project in which multiple clients needed basement flood cleanup services for their Holderness home. The source of the water damage was the excessive rains during the late-summer hurricane season.  
A hurricane hit the lakes region of New Hampshire very hard. Many homes sustained water damage, specifically in their basements. On one street alone, Soil-Away worked with three different families to help them with basement flood cleanup efforts. The Pemigewasset River, or “Pemi,” had overflowed. The raging body of water carried countless gallons of river water through several basements in the area. The flooded basements were left covered in sludge. Personal items stored in the basements were destroyed. The basement flood cleanup effort required professional services and that is why we were called in.
Soil-Away basement flood cleanup crews worked tirelessly to restore damaged properties. The goal was to thoroughly clean, sanitize and dry the flooded structures. One of the first priorities was to sort through and inventory all the damaged contents. Just about everything in each of the basement was completely destroyed from the river water. Items were recorded by photograph. Then they were disposed of in an on-site dumpster. Soil-Away filled a 30 yard dumpster with lost belongings at each home. The few salvageable or sentimental items were carefully brought to a secure location, such as a garage. After the basements were emptied the structural cleaning and drying could take place.
The next step in the basement flood cleanup process was to clean everything. Sand, silt and debris were removed, or sometimes mucked, out of the Holderness basements. The areas were completely pressure washed rinsing all the sediment from the walls and floors. Crews treated the basement with an antimicrobial and proceeded to setup commercial drying equipment. Several air movers and dehumidifiers ran for days in each basement. The foundation and structures were dried out after a few days. The basement flood cleanup process was completed successfully.
Basement flood cleanup situations can be very challenging. Flood water from a river can complicate the situation even more. Water volume and potential contaminants can wreak havoc on a home. The families in Holderness unfortunately experienced this first hand. They sustained a significant setback after the floods. Fortunately they were able to recover efficiently with the help of a professional basement flood cleanup company.
Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration specializes in water damage mitigation services. Whether you have a basement flood cleanup situation or an ice dam insurance claim, we are available 24/7 for emergency service needs. Soil-Away is IICRC master-certified and has been in business since 1990. Our Bristol, NH office is conveniently located to quickly service the greater Plymouth, Holderness, Laconia, and Tilton areas. If you need emergency basement flood cleanup service, please contact our office for 24/7 assistance.

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