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10% Coupon for Carpet Cleaning NH

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Soil-Away is currently offering a 10% discount for residential carpet cleaning services for our existing clients. The warmer winter has resulted in people getting an early jump on their spring cleaning. This is a great time to schedule carpet cleaning for your New Hampshire (NH) or Massachusetts (MA) home.

Benefits of Manchester Carpet Cleaning from Our Experts

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Although many people ignore the importance of carpet cleaning and simply stick to vacuuming, there are many benefits of hiring our certified Manchester carpet cleaning experts to do the job for you. Not only do carpets take a high level of foot traffic, their various levels of fiber construction and color make them difficult to properly clean if you don’t have a thorough understanding of them. Take a look at the benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners in our blog below.

Soil-Away Expands Air Duct Cleaning Business

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Soil-Away has recently expanded their air duct cleaning operation. What started as a small part of their operation in 2012, has expanded into one of the company’s largest services. “We have doubled our air duct cleaning business year over year since we started it,” explains Soil-Away founder, Jack Solloway. “We applied our company emphasis on quality and value to duct cleaning and it has just boomed.”  

How to Choose the Right Air Duct Cleaner for You!

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You have probably seen duct cleaning coupons/offers that offer:  “$99 whole house clean” or “just $7 per vent.” 
You have probably also heard about the importance of indoor air quality for your home or office.
The thought of hiring a professional air duct cleaner has crossed your mind.
Your hesitation is due to not knowing enough about the process or who to trust.
This quick guide addresses the issue of how to choose the right air duct cleaner for you.

DIY Spot Cleaning for Carpets

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Flooring is one of the biggest investments in your home. You want to keep it looking good for as long as possible. With that said, it is inevitable that your carpets will eventually endure some kind of spill.  Do not worry. Cleaning up spills on your carpet is not terribly difficult if you act fast. Below are some basic tips to help you combat fresh blemishes to your carpets before they become a long-term issue.

Duct Cleaning- Manchester, NH

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Manchester, New Hampshire (NH) commercial property owners should factor in professional air duct cleaning into their facility maintenance plans. Duct cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of the HVAC system. These factors can contribute to a better work environment for occupants. They can also provide potential costs savings on maintaining the HVAC system. One Manchester restaurant owner recently came to this realization. He contacted Soil-Away for air duct cleaning of his entire facility. Below is a brief summary of the project.

Rug Cleaner- Londonderry, NH

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Hiring the right rug cleaner can make the difference between a happy leaseholder and one who gives you issues. This was the case with one Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH) landlord who recently hired Soil-Away for professional rug cleaning services. The landlord owned a commercial office park on route 102. The building had two stories of professional office space. Soil-Away was hired as the rug cleaner to fix the shortcomings of the previous company. The issues created by the previous carpet cleaning company almost lead to the landlord losing his new tenant.

Carpet Cleaning Company- Windham, NH

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Finding the best carpet cleaning company for your Windham, New Hampshire (NH) home can be a challenge. You have specific needs and want it done right. You do not have time to waste. Calling the dozens of carpet cleaners that come up on an internet search is not efficient. If this describes your experience in searching for a carpet cleaning company, then you have come to the right place. You have found Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services. We have been serving southern NH and the greater Windham area for 25 years. Below we outline a brief case study of a recent Windham client who hired us for carpet cleaning for the first time.

The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Spring

Homeowners across New Hampshire have been waking up to spring weather in recent weeks. The warmer temperatures are welcome for most but they do bring with them a separate set of challenges when it comes to maintaining home air duct systems. Let’s examine several of the leading benefits of professional air duct cleaning this spring season for clients in Nashua, Concord and Manchester, NH and the surrounding areas.

Air Duct Cleaner- Auburn, NH

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Hiring the best air duct cleaner for your specific needs can be a daunting task. We understand this and that is why the team at Soil-Away tries to make the process easy on you. One relevant example can be seen with a new client of ours from Auburn, New Hampshire (NH). The young, married couple just bought their first home. They were renting an apartment in Manchester for several years while they saved to buy a house in Auburn. The couple was obsessed with maintaining a clean home. Indoor air quality was very important to them. Before settling into the house, they agreed to hire a professional air duct cleaner.

Carpet Cleaner – Bow, NH

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All homeowners need a professional carpet cleaner for different reasons. Some families with multiple children call for service because there was just a spaghetti fight on the living room carpet. Other homeowners call because Fluffy had her fifth accident this week in the hallway. Many people just want the peace-of-mind knowing that built up dirt is being removed from their flooring. Regardless of why you need a carpet cleaner, know that Soil-Away will be there. We specialize in carpet cleaning in the Bow, New Hampshire (NH) area.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning- Windham, NH

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Choosing the right professional air duct cleaning company can be a challenge. This was the case for one Windham, New Hampshire (NH) family. The family had just moved to NH from out-of-state. They were excited to get a fresh start in a new area. They were however struggling to find quality contractors to perform services at their home. Being new to the area they did not have relationships in the community to ask for referrals. One priority for them was to find a professional air duct cleaning company. Indoor air quality was very important to them.

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