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Finding the best carpet cleaning company for your Windham, New Hampshire (NH) home can be a challenge. You have specific needs and want it done right. You do not have time to waste. Calling the dozens of carpet cleaners that come up on an internet search is not efficient. If this describes your experience in searching for a carpet cleaning company, then you have come to the right place. You have found Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services. We have been serving southern NH and the greater Windham area for 25 years. Below we outline a brief case study of a recent Windham client who hired us for carpet cleaning for the first time.
A young family with two elementary age children desperately needed their carpets cleaned. The family kept very good care of their Windham home, but the impact of children was taking its toll. Two kids, their friends and a dog resulted in a mess. This was to say nothing of the recent dinner party they hosted in which a glass of wine was spilled. The carpets were five years old and had never been professionally cleaned. It was time to find a carpet cleaning company who could handle the job. The family asked their neighbors for a referral. They received Soil-Away’s information.
A friendly representative answered the phone from Soil-Away’s main office in Hooksett. Within a matter of minutes an appointment was set for the following day. The Windham family had just hired their first carpet cleaning company. They were excited to get their clean carpets back!
The following morning two carpet cleaning technicians showed up from Soil-Away. They arrived in a cleanly labeled truck and in uniform. They had picture identification badges. The lead technician also showed his IICRC certification. The couple’s first impression of the carpet cleaning company was very good. After a friendly introduction, the lead technician walked the house with the homeowners. They pointed out all the areas of concern. This included traffic areas where the kids tracked in mud from the outside. This also included the wine spill. Following the inspection the homeowners authorized Soil-Away to proceed with services.
The carpet cleaners pulled hoses into the Windham house from the truck. Inside the truck is a powerful hot-water extraction unit. It is perfect for removing deeply trapped soils from residential carpets. It is also the preferred method of cleaning from the carpet manufacturers. The carpets were then vacuumed. This was followed by spot treatment of the heavily soiled areas. A wine spot remover was applied to the spill area. Next, the technicians from the carpet cleaning company utilized the carpet extraction wand to clean all the requested areas. Three bedrooms, a hallway, set of stairs and a living room were meticulously cleaned. The technicians were very careful when moving furniture. They even put foam blocks under the legs of pieces they cleaned under. This was to protect the furniture from moisture while the carpets dried. After approximately two hours of hard work the carpet cleaners had finished.
This Windham family was very pleased with the carpet cleaners. They provided great service and the carpets looked brand new. Any homeowner in southern NH should consider hiring Soil-Away if they are in need of a professional carpet cleaning company.

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