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Water Damage After a Fire Water Damage After a Fire

Water Damage After a Fire

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Water Damage from Appliance Failure

Fires: a devastating disaster that can strike a home or business at any time, oftentimes without warning, leaving property owners feeling overwhelmed, panicked and uncertain of what the next steps are. However, what many people may not realize, is that water damage can occur after a fire, most often resulting from the extensive use of a firehose. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services knows that fires are a distressing disaster, and that adding water damage to the mix is enough to make anyone overwhelmed and frustrated. If your home or business has experienced water damage after a fire, contact the water damage restoration experts at Soil-Away, and we will work with you and your insurance company during the claim process to ensure that fire and water damage issues are eliminated.

After a fire, what types of water damage can Soil-Away help me with?

Water damage from a firehose

– A fire is a devastating disaster that no New Hampshire (NH) home or business owner ever wants to experience, as the tragedy is surrounded by uncertainty, frustration and concern. After a fire, what many people may not realize is that water damage can occur due to the extensive use of a firehose by firefighters or a fire sprinkler system. Water can flood the structure, causing walls, floors, ceilings and appliances to be impacted and potentially damaged. Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business that is IICRC master-certified and has over 25 years of water restoration and cleanup experience. We work closely with insurance companies during the restoration process to ensure a smooth and easy process, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

Burst pipe

– Clogs, debris-buildup and freezing temperatures can all contribute to a pipe bursting in your home or business at any time, which often leads to costly repairs and unexpected water damage. However, did you know that a pipe can also burst in the event of a fire emergency? During a fire, the extensive heat can cause pressure and damage to the structure’s piping system, which can result in the pipes warping, breaking or ultimately bursting. Falling debris after a fire emergency can also cause pipes to become damaged or broken, and may lead to a burst pipe that leaves water damage and added expenses. Experiencing a fire is a disaster that no home or business owner wants to experience, but if you are facing water damage from a burst pipe after a fire, contact the 24/7 emergency water cleanup experts today.

Sewer backflow

– You walk down to your basement and immediately notice an unsightly scene-your basement is flooded with inches of water and is accompanied by an unpleasant odor. You determine that the washing machine hose and water heater are not the cause of your new swimming pool, but rather the sewer system. A sewer backflow can occur at any time, and is often the result of a clog or blockage in the main sewer line, tree roots that have grown in or around the sewer pipes, a back-pitched drain system, or damaged sewer lines. As sewer backflows can create water or flood damage to your home or business, it is imperative to contact an experienced, professional and prompt water remediation company, such as Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services.

Water damage from a sprinkler system

– Fire sprinkler systems are a common sight in NH commercial buildings and large complexes, such as apartment buildings, and assist in providing a steady flow of emergency water to the area in the event of a fire. Fire sprinkler systems can be seen on the ceiling of commercial buildings, and consists of a sprinkler head with a small glass bulb in the middle. This small glass bulb is heat sensitive, and shatters when the temperature around it reaches a certain point. Once the bulb shatters, water is outflowed from the connected water pipe and sprays the impacted areas. While experiencing a fire is detrimental enough, having water damage from the sprinkler system can be immensely overwhelming. Soil-Away experts are equipped with water extraction units, and can promptly assist you in the water cleanup process.

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