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Flood Damage Cleanup- Londonderry, NH

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The need for emergency flood damage cleanup was not what one Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH) client was anticipating when he decided to throw a load of laundry in the washing machine. Our client had a second floor laundry room with a washer and dryer. He wanted to surprise his wife by cleaning up the entire home before she got home from work. After starting the laundry he left the house to run a few errands. Upon his return he discovered significant water damage throughout the house. He called us for flood damage cleanup services.
The Londonderry client started some of the water damage mitigation on his own. Before our arrival, he started to shop vacuum up some of the water. He also started tearing out carpets from affected rooms. When Soil-Away crews arrived in Londonderry to start the flood damage cleanup, the client had worked himself into a panic. It was our job to assess the situation and provide peace of mind for the customer. Upon inspection of the house, it was confirmed that the washing machine hose has split. The water that was supposed to be filling his washing machine was flooding the house. All three floors of the home had been affected. It was nothing we haven’t seen before. We were fully prepared to help the distressed client. The homeowner quickly calmed down after we explained the scope and began the process.
Soil-Away’s project manager documented the entire water loss. The job was an insurance claim. Flood damage cleanup jobs for insurance company must be documented thoroughly. Detailed pictures, sketches and moisture readings must be obtained. Soil-Away took this burden off of the Londonderry homeowner and completed these tasks as part of the service.
Flood damage cleanup technicians worked at cleaning up the mess. Water was extracted from flooring. Damaged carpeting and pad were removed and disposed of. This exposed the saturated subfloors which needed to be dried. Affected ceiling and walls were addressed as well. Sheetrock areas with wet insulation were cut out. The soaking wet insulation was removed. Baseboards were removed from walls. Bags and bags of trash were schlepped out to the trucks to be hauled off. Once all the non-salvageable building materials were removed, the property was set up for drying.
Commercial drying equipment was installed in the saturated property. Utilizing drying equipment is one of the most important steps in the flood damage cleanup process. Dehumidifiers were put on each level of the home: basement, first floor and second floor. These are responsible for driving down the relative humidity in the home. Several air movers were also set up to circulate the air in each affected area. The combination of fans and dehumidifiers would have the place dry in just three days.
Having your property struck by water damage can be very stressful. No one can fully anticipate when the need for flood damage cleanup may arise. Like our client in Londonderry, make sure to know who to call in the event of a water or fire damage emergency. Soil-Away is available 24/7 to help families and businesses in southern New Hampshire (NH) recover from property disaster.

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