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Water and Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration Water and Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Specialty Services

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Water and Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Soil-Away’s specialty cleaning services revolve around emergency situations in which health and safety matters are at stake. The primary services comprise of sewage, bio-hazard, methamphetamine lab, and crime scene clean-up. Our training and expertise allow us to handle each case with the sense of urgency, care, and attention to detail that is necessary for the situation. Read below to get a brief overview of each service.


Health and safety are Soil-Away’s primary concern during these circumstances. Bear in mind that as we perform the following services, the highest standards of safety are upheld for everyone involved. Soil-Away utilizes proper PPE (personal protective equipment), environmental engineering controls, and safety procedures that meet or exceed both industry and governmental standards for health and safety (EPA, IICRC, OSHA).


Sewage, sludge, and septic tank waste can be described as black or gray water containing organic or household produced waste. Having a sewage back flow or spill at your property is a very serious issue that could contribute to numerous problems. Do not let a bad situation get worse by not handling the matter quickly and correctly. Soil-Away’s emergency sewage removal, clean-up, and sanitizing service will effectively bring your property back to a safe and healthy state.


Bio-Hazard clean-up primarily relates to the removal and sanitization of surfaces or objects affected by bodily fluids which can quickly lead to the spread of disease and infection. To alleviate these circumstances, proper protocols must be followed and swift action must be taken. Soil-Away is trained and experienced in this field and will be there for you in the event of a bio-hazard situation.

Methamphetamine Lab

Methamphetamine (Meth) Labs are unfortunately becoming more and more prevalent throughout the country. Meth Labs are being established in homes, apartments, hotels, and industrial buildings. The meth production process is very toxic and produces volatile vapors that contaminate the facility along with its contents. Soil-Away works with local authorities to remove the hazards created by these labs. Soil-Away is certified to perform a multi-step process that will restore a facility to a safe and functional condition.

Crime Scene

Crime scene clean-up can encompass a variety of scenarios. The majority of these services include some form of bio-hazard cleaning. Local authorities will contract Soil-Away to clean, sanitize, and restore a property after their investigation is concluded. Other forms of crime scene services may include cleaning up after vandalism or other property damages situations.

Sewage cleanup
Biological damage cleanup
Crime scene cleanup

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