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Water Damage from Appliance Failure Water Damage from Appliance Failure

Appliance Failure

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Water Damage from Appliance Failure

Appliances provide simplicity and convenience to many New Hampshire (NH) home and business owners, as our busy lives often leave us with not enough hours in the day to manually wash the dishes, or perform routine maintenance on the washing machine hoses to ensure they are properly working. Consequently, not performing routine maintenance on appliances can lead to appliance failure, water damage and costly expenses that no home or business owner wants to experience. If an appliance failure does strike your home or business, Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services is here to help mitigate the damages and assist in restoring your life back to normal.

What type of appliance failure disasters can Soil-Away help with?

Washing machine overflow

– A leaking washing machine is never something a homeowner wants to experience, especially since this is one of the most important and used appliances in their home. A broken or cracked drain hose, a damaged seal, broken post gasket or overfilling the washing machine with clothes can all lead to appliance failure and water damage. If you experience a flood or water damage due to a leaking or overflowing washing machine, contact Soil-Away to quickly remove the water and cleanup the impacted areas.

Refrigerator supply line leak

– You come home from a long day at work and are greeted by unexpected water stains underneath your refrigerator. To make matters worse, you are unsure of why your refrigerator is leaking water or what the next steps are. If you experience water or flood damage due to a leaking refrigerator, contact Soil-Away right away to assess the situation. Most refrigerator leaks are due to the water line — the hose in the back of the refrigerator that connects the home’s water supply to the ice maker or water dispenser— breaking or becoming damaged. A clogged defrost drain or cracked drain pan can also lead to a leaking refrigerator and water damage.

Leaking air conditioner & HVAC lines

– During the summer months, NH home and business owners may be running an air conditioning unit to assist in keeping the indoor temperature cool. While air conditioners are a great appliance to have during the summer months, it is important to keep up with routine maintenance and to notice the signs of a leaking air conditioner or HVAC line. If you do notice your air conditioner or HVAC lines are leaking, it may be a result of a clogged condensate drain line, damaged condensate drain pain, frozen evaporator coil or polluted evaporator coil. Soil-Away experts have over 25 years of water removal experience and provides professional and trustworthy water removal services.

Leaking garbage disposal

–Garbage disposals are a great appliance to have in any kitchen, as they are not only environmentally-friendly, but they are a cost-efficient and convenient way to get rid of food scraps and waste. However, many everyday food items that are thrown down garbage disposals, such as egg shells and potato peels, can actually cause damage, blockages or malfunction to the drain pipes, disposal walls and blades, which can lead to costly repairs and water damage. Soil-Away’s professional and prompt water cleanup experts will help remediate water damage due to a leaking garbage disposal.

Dishwasher overflow

– Overfilling the dishwasher is a common practice throughout many NH homes, however, overfilling the dishwasher with dishes can actually lead to water overflowing and spilling out onto your kitchen floor and neighboring cabinets. To help prevent a dishwasher overflow, never overfill the dishwasher with dishes, and keep-up with routine maintenance tasks such as checking the water inlet valves and float switch. If an overflowing dishwasher has your kitchen stained with water spots, contact the water remediation experts at Soil-Away today.

Water heater malfunction/failure

– When a basement water heater malfunctions or fails, it can result in a flooded basement with costly repairs that leave homeowners frustrated and overwhelmed. The main causes of a water heater malfunction or failure are: mineral deposits, thermal expansion, anode rod damage and an incorrect sized water heater. If you experience a water heater disaster, Soil-Away is here to work with you and your insurance company to remediate the flood damage, so you can get back to the things that matter most.

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