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Our Repair Team Highlights 5 Sources of Summer Water Damage in Concord Homes

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It’s now the peak of the summer. But don’t let the sun’s warm rays deceive you, your home is still at a significant risk of water intrusion during the summer months. To help you prevent water damage in your Concord home, our water damage repair team takes a look at five sources of summer water damage, in this latest post.

Summer Water Damage

Hot Water Tanks

During the summer months, many homeowners allow their hot water tanks to fall into a state of disrepair. Because they’re using them less often than in winter, the hot water tank components can become corroded over the summer. This can lead to the drain valve loosening, allowing water to seep through and may even lead to the complete failure of the tank, causing significant flooding.


In the summer, when the dishwasher is being used more often during cleanup after parties, and summer clothes require cleaning in the washing machine after the children play in the yard, appliance leakage can be a significant issue. The leakage occurs within both newer and older model appliances when components such as hoses become overloaded through heavy use.

Open Windows

We all need to have the window open throughout the summer to let that calming summer breeze inside the home. But many people forget to check the weather forecast before leaving for work, allowing their open windows to let heavy rains into the home. This is one of the foremost causes of summer flood damage in dining room and living room areas, and can be exceptionally expensive for those who’ve made a recent investment in summer furniture for the home!

AC Leaks

Air conditioning is critical to summer comfort. Without the cooling provided by the latest conditioning technology, home environments throughout the region would often become unbearably warm. But one of the most prominent AC maintenance issues that can occur during the summer is AC leaks. The leak could be the result of a clogged condensate drain or a damaged drain pan, but regardless of the cause, it’s critical to contact a local Concord water damage repair professional as soon as possible.

Tub Overflows

You might be calmly drifting off as you read a book in the tub, only to find out when you wake up that the bathwater overflowed onto the bathroom floor and through to the floors below. This is a common issue throughout the summertime and can be resolved quickly by qualified repair professionals.
By learning more on the damage caused by summer water intrusion, you can protect your property in the months and years to come! To discover more on the causes of water damage during the summer time, contact our trusted Concord repair team today at 603-641-6555.

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