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Flooded House Cleanup – Derry, NH

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The flooded house cleanup services were wrapping up at the Derry, New Hampshire (NH) home. The water damage restoration crew from Soil-Away just completed their final inspection. The commercial air movers and dehumidifiers could now be removed. The once flooded house was now completely cleaned and dry. Life for the Derry homeowners was back to normal. It was a position that they thought impossible just three days prior when they came home to massive water damage. A hot water tank failed in the basement while no one was home. The finished basement was a mess. Fortunately they found Soil-Away to perform the flooded house cleanup services at a moment’s notice.
Having the need for flooded house cleanup services is very stressful. Most homeowners do not plan for water damage emergencies. When a disaster happens they are caught off guard. Panic in these situations can cloud decision making and lead to an inefficient recovery. That is why is important to know who you are calling before an emergency happens! Having a trusted partner in the event of a flood situation can make all the difference in the world.

The Stress of Dealing with a Water Damage Emergency

There are several stressors that compile for Derry property owners during a flooded house cleanup scenario. First is dealing with the initial shock of discovering water damage. Seeing water pooling inside your home warrants a wide spectrum of emotions. This can lead to poor decision making. The second stressor is managing the physical water damage mitigation. It can be a daunting process. Most property owners do not have the capacity to handle on their own. The third stressful factor is dealing with your insurance company. Most water losses are insurance claims. Many property owners are not experienced with claims. This can add to the anxiety of the already intense situation. Fortunately there are water damage restoration professionals, like Soil-Away, who can help property owners navigate the process successfully.
The Derry homeowners in this case study brought Soil-Away into the water damage cleanup process early. That worked to their advantage. By calling Soil-Away they were able to drastically reduce their recovery time. Soil-Away did all the heavy lifting. An expert water damage mitigation crew extracted all the water from the basement. This included the soaked carpet and pad. This would have been impossible for the homeowners to do on their own. The crew also packed out the basement to avoid further damage to their belongings in storage. Within just hours the basement was setup for drying with specialized air movers and dehumidifiers. To make the experience even better, Soil-Away’s crew leader fully documented the damages to help with the insurance claim. Pictures, a sketch of the basement and all the action items performed to clean up the mess were compiled and submitted to the insurance company. This took a huge burden off of the homeowners.

Having a Plan for Flooded House Cleanup Services

This case study of a flooded house cleanup in Derry, New Hampshire (NH) shows the value in having a plan in the event of a water damage emergency. We at Soil-Away encourage all property owners to build a relationship with a cleaning and restoration company prior to ever needing their services. In the event you have not done this, the team at Soil-Away will still be available to help. Soil-Away performs 24/7 flooded house cleanup and restoration services for the greater Derry, Manchester and Salem areas. Contact us at 603-641-6555 to arrange for services.

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