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Emergency Flood Cleanup – Nashua NH

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During the winter months, home and business owners in Nashua, New Hampshire (NH) are experiencing frigid temperatures, shoveling endless piles of snow, and let’s not forget the occasional power outage that leads to eating peanut butter sandwiches and huddling around the woodstove to keep warm. With all the great, and not so great, things that this this time of year brings, what isn’t often thought of is  emergency flood cleanup. I mean, how can a home or business flood when the ground is blanketed with ice or snow accumulations so high that the occasional small dog gets lost (unless you’re like my mom who puts brightly colored sweaters on her teacup Chihuahuas specifically for this reason).
Emergency flood cleanup may not be on your mind this winter, so your friends at Soil-Away are here to remind you that flood damage can occur at any time of the year, especially during the winter months when ice and snow builds-up in your gutters or around the structure’s foundation. In the event that your home or business experiences an emergency flood situation this season, contact the flood cleanup and remediation experts at Soil-Away-a family-owned and operated business with 25 years of flood cleanup experience. We will work together with you and your insurance company to ensure a smooth and quick clean-up process, so you and your family can get back to things that matter.

Common Causes of Flood Damage

Aside from your child throwing their toys down the toilet and causing a clogged or burst pipe, or your dishwasher deciding that the night before Thanksgiving, a pipe was going to burst and flood the kitchen, what else causes a home or business to flood? A few other common causes of flood damage are:

  • Cracks or holes in walls or foundation
  • Broken or cracked water lines
  • Leaking washing machine hose
  • Sewer backups
  • Gutter or downspout clogs or breakages due to debris, ice or snow
  • Defective window wells
  • Broken or defective appliances
  • Overflow of ground water
  • Ice dams (snow accumulation that forms large icicles on the edges of roofs)
  • Frozen pipes that cause them to break or burst
  • Running toilets
  • HVAC failure
  • Roof leaks

Visit the Flood Damage Remediation experts for a more comprehensive list of causes of water and flood damage.

Emergency Flood Cleanup Services

The pipe burst in your dishwasher and now your kitchen is flooded, or the frozen pipes at your business in Nashua has burst and now much of the building is covered in water. What do you do? If you are experiencing emergency flood damage, contact the 24/7 emergency flood cleanup experts at Soil-Away, where we will:

  • Evaluate the site and determine what areas are effected, the extent of the water damage and if there are any safety hazards.
  • Work together with your insurance company to ensure a smooth water damage claim process, and we will take photos and create sketches of the water damage.
  • Use high-tech infrared cameras and moisture meters to ensure we are accurate in remediating the water damage.
  • Use truck-mounted water extraction units to quickly and efficiently extract the water from your home or business.
  • Clean, sanitize and dry the areas impacted by water damage, such as walls and floors, as well as dispose of any items that are irrecoverable.
  • Provide pack-out and storage options for items while the home or business is being cleaned.

Visit Soil-Away for a full list of services we provide for water damage and emergency flood remediation.

Soil-Away Is Here for You!

Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business that has over 25 years of water remediation and emergency flood cleanup experience, and is the only certified Esporta Soft-Contents Restoration Operator in NH. If your home or business is claimed by a flood or water damage and you need fast water mitigation, contact our 24/7 water cleanup and restoration emergency line. From Nashua to Laconia to Portsmouth, we are always here for you!
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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Jay KorsenJay Korsen
00:51 04 Aug 22
All I have to say is WOW and FANTASTIC. I just got done building out my new professional office with Soil-Away’s construction division and they went ABOVE and BEYOND. Scott and Mike, the carpenters are skilled artisans. The project got done on time and the project came in on budget! The finished results have been blowing people away. Much better than I could have anticipated. Anyone is welcome to come to our office, Bright Light Chiropractic in Hooksett to check out the fine work they did. Simply can’t sing enough praises for them. Sorry that the picture doesn’t do the job justice. Thank you Jack and your team. -Dr. Jay
Asian BreezeAsian Breeze
04:28 15 Jul 22
Since day one, I’ve known the owner, Jack, to be a hard-working and selfless leader. Through the efforts of him and his team, he was able to restore my flooded restaurant to tip-top shape. I was amazed with Jack’s orderliness throughout the entire process. Jack has proven to me that he is trustworthy, as both a friend and an individual in the work environment.
Breton LangendorferBreton Langendorfer
21:17 07 Jul 22
Highly recommend Soil-Away. A pipe in our upstairs bathroom gave and sent water down through a wall for at least a day before we noticed water dripping through our kitchen ceiling. Our insurance put us in touch with Soil-Away and they were at our house the next morning to assess the damage and dry things out. Joe, Ray and Tom were phenomenal to work with. They explained every part of the process to us and were very professional and friendly. If you have to deal with similar issues call Soil-Away, you won’t regret it.
Maureen CidzikMaureen Cidzik
13:49 15 May 22
Superior service from start to finish. Highly responsive. The entire team is dedicated to quality and customer care and it shows in everything they do – from first call, to estimate, to job completion.
Sarah GrugnaleSarah Grugnale
16:02 14 Jan 22
Joe and Tommy were amazing to deal with, they kept us updated every step of the process. They were punctual and hard working, answering all of our questions that we had. Everything was done as promised and even above and beyond. A great experience from start to finish.