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Flood Damage Cleanup – Exeter, NH

Flood Damage Cleanup – Exeter, NH

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An Exeter, New Hampshire (NH) business needed immediate flood damage cleanup services. A toilet supply line broke over the weekend. Water ran for over twenty-four hours from the second floor down to the first. The office was flooded. The janitorial company discovered the water damage when they arrived Sunday night to clean. They immediately called the business owner to alert them of the disaster. The business owner called the flood damage cleanup experts at Soil-Away to mitigate the water damage at their Exeter, NH office.

Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup

Soil-Away’s flood damage cleanup crews arrived at the Exeter office building within two hours. Despite it being a weekend, the team was ready to work through the night to help the business recover from property disaster. The office space was a total of 4,000 square feet. At least three-quarters of it was affected. The source of the water damage was the second floor men’s room. Water seeped across the floors on the second level and eventually started leaking through to the floor below. The carpets and lower walls were soaked on the second floor. The first floor was the real issue. It looked as if a thunder storm had ripped through the place. The flood damage cleanup needs were extensive. Ceilings were collapsing, light fixtures were filled with water, walls were dripping with moisture and the carpets were saturated. The two initial crews that arrived from Soil-Away called in reinforcements.
Once the source of the water damage was shutoff, the flood damage cleanup team got to work. A priority was to start extracting water from the second floor. Removing the water from the upstairs would prevent more from leaking below. Once extraction was completed upstairs, their efforts moved to the first level. In total over 3,000 square feet of flooring was extracted. While the extraction was wrapping up the third and fourth crews arrived.  They focused their efforts in cleaning up the rest of the mess. Damaged ceiling panels were removed and disposed of. Affected furniture and contents were packed out to on-site storage trailers that Soil-Away had delivered. They also had to remove damaged drywall. The water damage restoration crews performed a two foot “flood cut” around the perimeter of the flooded rooms. These efforts setup the structure so that it could be effectively dried.

Recovering from Water Damage

The flood damage cleanup effort took approximately five hours. The crews worked through the night at the water damaged Exeter property. When the initial water damage mitigation was complete commercial drying equipment was installed. Dozens of air movers and dehumidifiers were setup throughout the building. The purpose of the equipment was to fully dry the structure. The equipment ran for two full days until the building was dried to pre-loss conditions. The business had minimal down-time thanks to the rapid flood damage cleanup efforts by Soil-Away.
Soil-Away is New Hampshire’s premier fire, smoke and water damage cleanup restoration company. The company services the greater Portsmouth, Exeter, Epping and Manchester areas. Soil-Away works with all insurance companies to help you with your claim situation. If you have an emergency flood damage cleanup need in Exeter or the surrounding areas, please call the restoration professionals at Soil-Away!

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