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fire damage at business NH

How Does Smoke Damage Affect Your Business?

Fire and smoke damage can be disastrous to your home or office. Fire travels through the building in mere minutes and penetrates flooring, walls and ceilings. Smoke is a combination of particles and chemicals caused by incomplete burning of carbon-containing constituents. If your home or office has been through a fire you need to know how smoke damage can affect your business.

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Flood Damage Cleanup – Exeter, NH

Flood Damage Cleanup – Exeter, NH

An Exeter, New Hampshire (NH) business needed immediate flood damage cleanup services. A toilet supply line broke over the weekend. Water ran for over twenty-four hours from the second floor down to the first. The office was flooded. The janitorial company discovered the water damage when they arrived Sunday night to clean. They immediately called the business owner to alert them of the disaster. The business owner called the flood damage cleanup experts at Soil-Away to mitigate the water damage...

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Water Damage Restoration Company - Concord, NH

Water Damage Restoration Company – Concord, NH

Is partnering with the right water damage restoration company really important? Should certain businesses spend the time to build a relationship with a flood damage cleanup firm? The answer is yes. Knowing who to trust in the event of a water or fire damage emergency is important. It is also vital to have a plan in place before something goes wrong. One Concord, New Hampshire property management company learned this the hard way. This commercial property management firm did not have a trusted...

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Water Cleanup - Concord, NH

Water Cleanup – Concord, NH

An emergency water cleanup situation requires immediate action. If a property has sustained water damage, professional mitigation services may be advisable. Effective water cleanup services will help eliminate additional problems. These issues may include personal property damage, mold contamination and structural rot. If your home or business needs flood damage restoration, make sure to act with a sense of urgency. This case study of a Concord, New Hampshire (NH) business owner, is a great example...

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