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Water Damage Restoration Company – Concord, NH

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Is partnering with the right water damage restoration company really important? Should certain businesses spend the time to build a relationship with a flood damage cleanup firm? The answer is yes. Knowing who to trust in the event of a water or fire damage emergency is important. It is also vital to have a plan in place before something goes wrong. One Concord, New Hampshire property management company learned this the hard way. This commercial property management firm did not have a trusted water damage restoration company set up as a vendor. Disaster struck and it almost sank their business.

Emergency Need for Water Damage Restoration Company

The property management company ran a strip mall on a busy Concord road. The strip mall was a combination of office and retail space. There were twelve individual tenants leasing various parts of the space. On one cold winter night, a pipe froze on the second floor flooding the building. One of the tenants discovered it on a Saturday morning. Her store had significant water damage. The water seemed to be coming from above. She took immediate action and notified the property management company. The management company needed a plumber and a restoration firm. Unfortunately, they did not have a water damage restoration company in their vendor file. Time was ticking and there was no solution in sight.
After scheduling the plumber, the property management company did an online search for “water damage restoration company Concord, NH.” Several companies came up. The first name they recognized was a national franchise. The franchise said they would be onsite within four hours to start the flood cleanup process. Four hours later, no one had arrived at the property. The management company called in for a status. A voicemail was left with no returned call. The building was saturated and sustaining more damage by the moment. They were in trouble.

Family Business: The Right Choice

The management company went back to the drawing board. This time they wanted to use a local, family-owned company. The franchise route had failed them. They found the information for Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. Soil-Away’s Hooksett office was a short drive from the location in Concord. A quick call to Soil-Away and they had confidence that they had found the right water damage restoration company. Two flood cleanup crews from Soil-Away arrived onsite within 90 minutes.
Soil-Away proved to be the right call for the property management company. The technicians were prompt, courteous, and competent. They inspected the entire building and identified all the affected areas. The frozen pipe had caused flood damage to five of the twelve units. Three office spaces on the second floor and two retail spaces on the first floor had water damage. The water damage restoration crews got to work extracting water from the building. Soil-Away, being a large water damage restoration company, was able to send two more trucks that evening to help with the water loss. The four crews combined their efforts to get the entire emergency situation under control.
The commercial property management group had dodged a bullet. Their Concord, NH strip mall building could have been severely damaged by the water. They could have lost tenants and massive amounts of rental income. Fortunately they found Soil-Away just in time. Going forward they fully realized the importance of building a relationship with a competent water damage restoration company.

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