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Property Managers

Property Managers Choose Soil-Away

Soil-Away specializes in serving property management companies throughout New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA). Whether it is an apartment complex, condo association or commercial rental facility, property managers rely on Soil-Away for both cleaning and restoration services. We have been a trusted partner for several large and small property management firms for 25 years. Soil-Away is excited to connect with you!

Long-Term Health and Safety of your Property

You have a responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment for your tenants. You also want to maximize the effectiveness of maintenance efforts in your buildings. Soil-Away can help provide solutions on both accounts.

Soil-Away specializes in mold remediation. Dampness and musty odors are often an indication of microbial growth. It is a serious concern for building occupants. We will work with your maintenance staff to identify moisture issues leading to microbial growth and help remedy the situation. Soil-Away will safely and effectively remediate mold discovered on your property. Property managers can rest easy that the mold removal work was completed by a certified and fully insured company.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is often a concern for property managers and building occupants alike. Harmful contaminants can accumulate in buildings over time. The contaminants could include bacteria, dust, dirt and mold. If left untended, they could prove detrimental to health. These pollutants collect in carpets and air ducts throughout your buildings. Soil-Away provides certified carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services to improve the IAQ in your buildings.

Property managers also contract with Soil-Away for carpet cleaning and dryer vent cleaning maintenance. Soil-Away will perform building audits to help determine the right cleaning frequency for the carpets. Our clients extend the life of their carpets significantly by having us clean on a regular pre-scheduled basis. Carpet cleaning maintenance saves our clients costly replacement costs. In addition, annual or semi-annual dryer vent cleaning helps increase dryer efficiency and reduce the risk of a dryer vent fire.

Preparedness for Disaster

What do you do if a pipe burst on the third floor of your apartment building? What do you do if a tenant leaves a dangerous space-heater running? Emergency floods and fires are very disruptive and costly. They will catch unprepared property managers off guard. You are better than that!

Soil-Away will work side-by-side with you, the property manager, to help prepare for disasters pertaining to water and fire damage. This is important to do BEFORE something happens! We will analyze your property and produce a facility action plan to implement in the event of a disaster. The goal is to minimize the damage and down-time if something were to happen. Property managers who partner with Soil-Away recover from floods and fire faster. We will help you minimize expenses and maximize occupant satisfaction during emergency situations.

Beyond the Building

In addition to the physical structures you manage, you also have a duty to the occupants. We understand this and are prepared to serve your tenants as well. If your tenants submit a claim for contents damage, we can work with them to clean and restore their salvageable possessions. We are New Hampshire (NH) and northern Massachusetts’ (MA) only Certified Esporta Operator. We specialize in the restoration of soft-contents (clothing, shoes, sheets, pillows, stuffed animals, etc…). These are the items they will need to help them get back on their feet following a fire or water damage disaster. We work with all national and local insurance carriers and will easily be able to assist your tenants if needed.

Insurance claim management is another area we specialize in. If your property damage disaster exceeds your deductible, you will likely submit an insurance claim. We will help you navigate the claims process. All services rendered by Soil-Away will be documented and invoiced to the standards and requirements of the insurance industry. This will help expedite the process to help you recover quicker.

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