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Concord, New Hampshire Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services Concord, New Hampshire Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services

Concord, NH

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Concord, New Hampshire

You love your Concord, New Hampshire (NH) property. You care about the local community: the businesses, the schools, and the people. The community is a point of pride for you. We, at Soil-Away, understand this. That is why we have been successfully serving your community since 1990. You want the best and we deliver it with our cleaning and restoration services. When in need, we will be there for you.

Concord, NH recently completed projects

Emergency Water Extraction:

A broken pipe is never a fun situation. This is only aggravated by thousands of gallons of water flooding your property. This is what happened to one Concord senior living facility. Soil-Away was contacted in the middle of the night to respond to the emergency water extraction situation. Two crews and a few hours later the water had been extracted and removed from the previously flooded facility. The building was completely cleaned and dried within the same week.

Smoke Odor Removal:

The kids were preparing to sell the School Street home they had grown up in. The parents had passed and they were left dealing with the estate. Before listing the property, the home needed serious smoke odor removal. Years of the parents’ cigarette smoking had filled the house with repulsive smoke odor. Soil-Away was hired to clean and deodorize the entire home. It was taken care of and none of the prospective buyers ever knew the difference.

Black Mold Removal:

A residence off of East Side Drive was under renovation. During the bathroom remodeling phase it was discovered that some plumbing was leaking behind walls. Extensive black mold was discovered behind fixtures and cabinetry. Soil-Away performed immediate black mold removal services relieving the homeowners of the anxiety of dealing with mold. Everything was done in a safe and effective manner.

Professional Carpet Cleaner:

A busy downtown shop on Warren Street fields hundreds of clients each day. The foot traffic wreaked havoc on the store carpets. Only a professional carpet cleaner would be able to maintain the carpets against spots, spills and stains. Soil-Away was hired on a quarterly basis to clean the carpets after-hours. Clients and staff of the downtown shop always appreciated the clean and healthy environment the storeowner upheld.

Duct and Vent Cleaning:

The furnace at the Concord Airport Road office complex was now repaired, but he could not help but notice the filthy air ducts. The HVAC repairman had to say something. He recommended that the property owner hire a professional duct and vent cleaning service. Soil-Away was called in to remove the unhealthy dust and debris from the ducting system. Both air quality and system efficiency were improved.

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