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Kitchen & Cooking Fires

The kitchen is a significant area in any home that houses more than just appliances and cookware. This multi-functional room is home to holiday gatherings, family dinners and important discussions that can quickly turn this room into the center of attention. Although the kitchen may be a place where you practice your cooking skills, it can also be an area where an unexpected fire can occur. Cooking with oil, grilling mishaps and turkey frying fiascos can all lead to an unforeseen fire. Fires which cause severe smoke and soot damage resulting in costly repairs. If your home or business experiences a kitchen fire from cooking equipment, contact the fire cleanup experts at Soil-Away. Team Soil-Away is available 24/7 to promptly remediate soot, smoke and fire damage, so you can get back to mastering those cooking skills.

What type of kitchen and cooking damage can Soil-Away help with?

Grease fire

– Grease fires can strike a home or business at any time, and can lead to costly repairs, damaged items, lingering smoke odor and an accumulation of soot. Grease fires often occur due to cooking food left unattended, cooking too close to flammable items, too much moisture in the food item and the temperature of the oil being too high. To assist in the prevention of a grease fire, never leave cooking food unattended, always thaw out food items completely before cooking and test the temperature of the oil with a cooking thermometer to ensure the temperature is at a safe level. In the event of a grease fire, professional cleanup services, such as Soil-Away, can assist in restoring the property to pre-fire conditions.

Grilling mishaps

– Does your home or business have a grill for those summer picnics, weekend get-togethers or just an evening meal? If yes, did you know that according National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) there were just about 9,000 reported home fires from 2009-2013 that involved grills? While grills are a convenient way to cook-up some hamburgers or corn-on-the-cob for the annual Labor Day picnic, they can also cause an unexpected fire leading to costly damages. To assist in the prevention of grill fires, always properly clean the grill, never have the grill located too close to a structure or flammable item and never leave the grill unattended while cooking. If your home or business does experience fire damage from a grill, the experts at Soil-Away are prepared to remove any soot, smoke odor and/or damaged items from the location.

Oven fire

– Ovens are an essential and integral part of today’s modern society. They allow family meals to be prepared, desserts to be baked and new recipes to be tried. However, did you know that this convenient necessity can also cause an unexpected fire? Similar to other appliances, ovens can also burst into flames. It can happen as a result of an overflow of dessert batter, leaving the oven unattended for an extended period of time, splattering grease or food scraps burning on the bottom of the oven. To assist in the prevention of an oven fire, always monitor the cooking food, use tin foil or a pan cover to conceal items that may splatter or boil over and routinely clean the oven and coils to prevent burning.

Stovetop fire

– According to the NFPA, there are over 160,000 home structure fires reported each year in the U.S. due to cooking equipment, such as stovetops. Stovetop fires can be a result of cooking equipment or food left unattended, cooking too close to a flammable item, not turning the stovetop off after cooking, or not properly cleaning/maintaining the stovetop. If your home or business has experienced a stovetop fire and is need of professional and prompt cleanup services, contact the fire remediation experts at Soil-Away.

Turkey frying

– It’s Thanksgiving Day and your family and friends are scheduled to arrive shortly at your home for the annual Thanksgiving dinner. You’re contemplating how you’re going to make it through the evening with your in-laws when you see large flames erupting from the deep fryer and grease splattering all around your kitchen. What went wrong? Oil too hot? Did the turkey contain too much moisture from not being thawed out all the way? Regardless of the reason behind your turkey frying fiasco, Soil-Away fire cleanup experts are available 24/7 in the event that you need emergency fire damage restoration.

If you have experienced fire damage from kitchen and/or cooking equipment, contact the fire cleanup experts today at 603-641-6555!


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