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Smoke and Soot Damage Cleanup – Derry, NH

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The kitchen was still smoldering. Light patches of smoke rose from charred cabinets and appliances. The fire suppression system and Derry Fire Department had just put out a kitchen fire. It was at a local restaurant. Just hours earlier a grease fire had ignited a stovetop pan. It was mishandled and led to it spreading. The whole situation was a blur for the Derry, NH restaurant owner and staff. They needed to regroup and recover. They needed professional smoke and soot damage cleanup immediately.
About a third of the commercial kitchen was damaged by the fire. The rest of the kitchen suffered from smoke and soot damage. The smoke odor even extended into the dining room. The cleanup was going to be extensive. How would this Derry restaurant ever recover from this devastating damage?
Soil-Away’s smoke and soot damage cleanup team was called in to handle the project. They have been performing fire damage restoration projects in the Derry area since 1990. They would have the restaurant up and running in no time. Within just an hour of being called Soil-Away crews were on site in Derry. They immediately began the smoke and soot damage cleanup process.
The crew first addressed safety and security concerns about the fire damaged property. They discussed with the owner who would have access to the property and when. They also restricted access to the kitchen to avoid unauthorized personnel from entering the area. Once safety and security issues were addressed, the crew’s focus transitioned to the smoke and soot damage cleanup process. The first crew setup HEPA air scrubbers to filter the air from airborne soot particles and smoke odor. A second crew put up containment walls around the kitchen. This was to minimize cross contamination and migration of smoke odor damage.
With the workspace now established, the smoke and soot damage cleanup crews converged on the kitchen. They inventoried damaged items and discarded. They had to remove a couple appliances, cabinets, shelving racks, and cooking instruments. All perishable food was disposed of. Once the fire damaged items were out of the way, the crews started cleaning the structure and contents. Ceilings, walls, and floors were wet washed and deodorized. Salvageable kitchen equipment and supplies were cleaned. It was a detailed and challenging process. In addition to the smoke and soot damage cleanup was the normal restaurant kitchen dirt. Degreasers had to be used to clean greasy surfaces that hid under a blanket of soot damage. Hour by hour, the Derry restaurant kitchen was starting to shine again. The smoke odor was diminishing as well.
After two straight days of cleaning, the kitchen was like new. The replacement appliances were arriving on day three. The smoke and soot damage cleanup project was on time. The owner of the Derry restaurant was relieved.
The smoke and soot damage cleanup crews focused on the dining room on day three. A fine layer of soot damage covered the walls, floors, and furniture. There was a faint hint of char and smoke odor that would be sure to irritate some clients. Soil-Away was on top of it. They cleaned and deodorized every surface. In addition to the structure, this included tables, chairs, and decoration on the walls. It was a much lighter cleaning than in the fire damaged kitchen, but it was necessary nonetheless.
One grease fire had caused devastating fire damage to this Derry facility. Fortunately no one was hurt and the structure was salvaged. Working with a professional smoke and soot damage cleanup company allowed this Derry, NH business to reopen after just three days of being closed for repairs. What seemed initially like a hopeless situation, ended up being a minor hiccup in the big picture.

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