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Water Damage from Appliance Failure Water Damage from Appliance Failure

Plumbing Problems

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Water Damage from Appliance Failure

Plumbing problems are a situation that no New Hampshire (NH) home or business owner wants to experience, however, these unpredictable disasters can occur at any time without warning. Burst pipes, a sewer line back up, leaking hot water tank and a sink overflow are just a few of the plumbing issues that can occur, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. If your home or business has experienced water or flood damage due to plumbing problems, contact Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services to have your space water free and back to normal by trusted water damage mitigation professionals.

Soil Away Cleaning and Restoration Services knows plumbing problems. Here are a few issues we can help with:

Burst pipe:

Clogs, debris-buildup and freezing temperatures can all contribute to a pipe bursting in your home or business that may lead to costly repairs and water damage. So, what do you do when the pipe bursts in the dishwasher and now your kitchen is flooded? Or if the pipes freeze and burst at your business in Nashua, and now much of the building is covered in water? If you are experiencing emergency flood damage due to a pipe burst, contact the 24/7 emergency flood cleanup experts at Soil-Away for rapid restoration services.

Sewer line backup:

A sewer line backup is a situation that no business or home owner wants to experience, as the thought alone may cause you to cringe with unpleasant thoughts and dollar signs. The most common causes of a sewer line backup are: a clog or blockage in the main sewer line, tree roots that have grown in or around the sewer pipes or damaged sewer lines that cause the sewer to backup. Sewer line backups can create water or flood damage to your home or business, so it is essential to contact an experienced, professional and prompt water damage mitigation company, such as Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services.

Leaking hot water tank:

hot water tank is an item that most NH home and business owners possess, as they heat the water for cleaning the dishes, taking a shower, etc. However, when a hot water tank leaks, it can cause confusion and frustration as to what happened and what the next steps are. A loose drain valve, high pressure build-up in the water tank or an outdated water tank that is not functioning properly, are all factors that can contribute to a leaking water tank and unwelcomed water damage. Do you have water damage due to a leaking water tank? If so, contact the water cleanup experts at Soil-Away today!

Burst sprinkler pipe:

During the colder months when temperatures fall below freezing, issues may occur to fire sprinkler systems that are located in uninsulated areas or in areas that are not properly heated. Fire sprinklers that are exposed to frigid temperatures are prone to bursting or freezing, which can result in water or flood damage. To avoid costly water damage repairs, it is essential to verify that all sprinklers are located in heated or insulated areas and that there are no cracks or breaks in the piping. Soil-Away has over 25 years of water and flood damage remediation experience, and can promptly service your water disaster needs due to a burst sprinkler pipe.

Toilet bowl overflow:

Have you recently experienced a toilet bowl overflow due to a defect in the plumbing, blockage or clog that resulted in water damage to your bathroom? A toilet bowl overflow can cause water damage to the bathroom floor, walls and cabinetry, and can lead to costly repairs if not remediated quickly. Regardless of whether the overflow was caused by incorrect installation of the water pipes or your child trying to flush a toy down the toilet, Soil-Away experts have over 25 years of water damage mitigation experience, and can get your bathroom properly cleaned, dried and back to normal.

Toilet supply line leak:

toilet supply line leak can occur at any time, leaving water damage and potentially costly repairs in its wake. Common causes of a toilet supply line leak are: a hole or break in the supply line, worn out treads, loose water line connection value or a defect in the water line. If you have experienced a toilet supply line break and are unsure of what the next steps are for water cleanup, contact Soil-Away, who will work closely with your insurance company through the claim process and provide prompt water remediation service.

Tub overflow:

Due to the base of a bathtub being located lower than the sink and toilet in a bathroom, when a clog forms in the plumbing system it may cause the bathtub to get backed up with water first. Clogs or blockages in the bathroom’s plumbing system can be difficult to detect, unless the issue is located right underneath the bathtub drain. If the issue causing the bathtub to overflow does not get remediated, it can cause the sink and toilet in the bathroom to become backed up as well. If your bathroom experiences water or flood damage due to a tub overflow, contact the water cleanup experts at Soil-Away.

Sink overflow:

The last thing you want is for your kitchen or bathroom sink to overflow with water and cause damage to the floor, cabinets and neighboring structures. The most common cause of a sink overflow is a clog or blockage in the main plumbing line that results in water not being able to drain properly. Broken, damaged or outdated piping can also result in the water not being able to properly drain throughout the plumbing system, so it important to keep up with routine maintenance and ensure that nothing is entering the water drains in your home or business that can cause a clog or blockage. If you didn’t have “clean up water damage” on your “to do” list, contact the IICRC certified experts at Soil-Away.

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