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Flood Damage Cleanup Companies – Goffstown, NH 03045

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Have you ever experienced water damage due to a flood in your home your business? That nauseating feeling you received when you saw water in a location where it shouldn’t be, is all too familiar and you hope to never experience it again. However, flood and water damage can occur due to multiple issues, such as clogged gutters, a leaking washing machine hose or even a sewer back-up, and can oftentimes leave families and business owners feeling frustrated and depleted. When experiencing a water damage situation, you will have to choose amongst dozens of flood damage cleanup companies. It is imperative that you select a certified, trusted and insured company to evaluate the impacted area, and provides a concrete plan for remediation. For one Goffstown, New Hampshire (NH) family, when water damage struck, they were on the hunt for a reputable company who was willing to work with them in a quick and professional manner.

A Clogged Toilet Leads to an Overflowing Expense

It was early one Saturday morning when a family of five were about to sit down and eat breakfast, when the family’s three-year-old daughter came running down the stairs into the kitchen motioning for her parents to come upstairs. Once the parents reached the second floor of their home, they immediately noticed the overflow of water pouring out of their bathroom toilet. Confused, the parents rushed to the toilet to try and turn off the water valve, but the water damage had already been done.
Frustrated and worried, the family reached out to a trusted plumber with great reviews, to come out and assess the emergency situation. The plumber investigated the source of the water overflow and determined that the family’s three-year-old child had flushed a few toys down the toilet, resulting in a clogged pipe. Once the items were safely removed from the pipe, the plumber referred the family to Soil-Away. Out of all the flood damage cleanup companies he had worked with in the past, they were the best.

Emergency Flood Damage Cleanup Services

The family contacted Soil-Away’s 24/7 emergency line, and technicians were soon at their home assessing the flood damage and removing damaged items from the bathroom. Technicians wasted no time in extracting the water from the bathroom, removing damaged baseboards and drywall and setting up dehumidifiers and fans to dry-out the bathroom to prevent mold and mildew growth.
In no time, the family’s bathroom was free of water and the water-damaged items were restored to their original state by Soil-Away. The family was impressed with the professional and quick response time of Soil-Away’s technicians, and how all crew members worked together to mitigate the water damage. Soil-Away worked with the family’s insurance company to ensure a smooth and easygoing claim process, and was pleased with their decision to choose this company for their emergency situation. Now, they can get back to the things that matter most-like buying new toys for their three-year-old child.

Choose Soil-Away Over the Other Flood Damage Cleanup Companies

There are several flood damage cleanup companies serving the Goffstown, NH area, but Soil-Away is uniquely qualified to serve your needs. Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business with over 25 years of flood damage mitigation experience, and is equipped with commercial-grade equipment to dry-out even the most moisture-ridden locations. The experts are ready for any water or flood cleanup project that you have, and Goffstown residents trust Soil-Away with all of their home and business projects. Have a fire cleanup project? Mold remediation situationin the attic? Water damage in the basement? Contact the restoration experts today at 603-641-6555.
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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