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Sewer Backup Cleanup- Manchester, NH

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How can beautiful trees outside a home cause the need for an emergency sewer backup cleanup? Old underground sewer pipes, especially in cities such as Manchester, NH, are susceptible to root infiltration. The combination of aging plumbing and growing roots can cause a blockage. When the outflow of sewage is impeded a backup occurs. If sewage is flowing back into the house it is an emergency. Immediate action must be taken to fix the blockage. Sewer backup cleanup is needed as well.
Sewer backups are unpleasant. No one is expecting to enter their basement to find that it has been infiltrated by highly contaminated water. This was the case with one Manchester, NH family.
The basement of a Manchester family was used solely for storage. The area was not frequently visited. This changed one day when the wife entered the basement. She detected an unpleasant odor. The lights when on and she started looking around. It was evident something was wrong. Murky water had settled in the low points of her floor. It was a sewer backup. The mess was over an inch deep in some areas.
The last time anyone could remember being in the basement was over a week ago. The sewer backup could have been occurring for the past seven days or so. Nothing going down the sink, toilet, shower, dishwasher, or laundry drain pipes was making its way out of the house. The dirty, contaminated waste water was accumulating on the basement floor. It was also affecting the contents in storage.
Fast forward three days. A Soil-Away crew was picking up their drying equipment from the Manchester home. They were also returning soft contents that had been successfully restored. The sewer backup cleanup was nearing completion. The plumbing company discovered that tree roots had clogged the sewer pipe leading from the street into their home. The pipe was too old to restore. A new one had to be installed. This involved digging up parts of the front yard. The old damaged pipe was removed and replaced. As an extra precaution the family had the tree removed in the front yard. They did not want to go through another sewer backup cleanup situation.
During the sewer backup cleanup process, Soil-Away crews works tirelessly to clean and restore the basement. Containment was set up to avoid cross contamination with the rest of the house. Fully equipped in proper PPE (personal protective equipment), the sewer backup cleanup technicians worked in the Manchester basement. They safety extracted water and cleaned the structure. They sorted through contents taking inventory of destroyed items. Most of the soft contents were able to be restored with their Esporta soft contents wash system. During the sewer backup cleanup process Soil-Away was able to save numerous items such as boots, purses, handbags, and blankets.
It was conclusive that the family never wanted to deal with a sewer backup again. People never do. Fortunately, their insurance carrier connected them with Soil-Away’s emergency sewage cleanup team which minimized the stress. Within only days the basement was functional again and the cleanest it had ever been. All this thanks to the invisible tree roots.

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