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Duct Cleaning- Manchester, NH

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Manchester, New Hampshire (NH) commercial property owners should factor in professional air duct cleaning into their facility maintenance plans. Duct cleaning helps improve indoor air quality and the efficiency of the HVAC system. These factors can contribute to a better work environment for occupants. They can also provide potential costs savings on maintaining the HVAC system. One Manchester restaurant owner recently came to this realization. He contacted Soil-Away for air duct cleaning of his entire facility. Below is a brief summary of the project.
A restaurant owner was on the verge of celebrating his fifth year in business. This is quite a feat in the risky restaurant industry. To celebrate, he was going to host a party with his family, friends, vendors and customers. The Manchester restaurant needed to be spotless. During his inspection he decided to examine the less obvious areas of his facility. In doing so he discovered the air ducts to be filthy. Unfortunately, HVAC systems are typically an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” area in which cleaning gets overlooked. He immediately called Soil-Away to coordinate the duct cleaning.
Soil-Away NADCA certified duct cleaning crews arrived the following Monday when the restaurant was closed. They went to work on both the exterior and interior of the HVAC system. The ductwork in this restaurant was primarily exposed to plain view. This means an attentive patron could look up and see dust accumulating on the top of the air ducts. Soil-Away crews took care of this by thoroughly HEPA vacuuming and wiping down the exposed surfaces. A blanket of dust was removed for the exterior of the ducting and ventilation grates. They started to shine again after the exterior duct cleaning.
The interior ductwork also needed a lot of help. Professional duct cleaning had never been performed at this restaurant before. Much like the exterior, a layer of dust and debris had accumulated in the system. Using a combination of HEPA filtered negative air, HEPA vacuums, rotary brushes and air whips Soil-Away went through every ducting run. They accessed the ducts through every vent and return. At each entry point they would perform the same process removing unwanted dust and pollutants from the HVAC system. They used a special camera to inspect duct cleaning progress. They also took before and after pictures to document the drastic improvement.
Manchester, NH has a wide variety of commercial properties. Some are old such as the mills. Some are newer such as strip malls on South Willow Street. Other may have multiple stories, while other only have a single level. The buildings may be used for retails, office space, manufacturing, etc…Regardless of the variables; they likely rely on some form of HVAC system to heat/cool the building. That means you should have professional air duct cleaning performed on a regular basis. HVAC systems serve as the lungs of a building. To have the systems accumulate pollutants and allergens does not show responsibility as a property owner. Contact Soil-Away today to schedule your duct cleaning. Your Manchester commercial property is overdue for this much needed service.

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