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Before Turning on the Heat, Have Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned

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A home’s ductwork is a catch-all for dirt, dust and pet dander.  This debris collects on the air ducts, recirculating through the house when the heat is turned on.  These tiny particles in the air contribute to poor indoor air quality, causing symptoms that range from itchy eyes and a runny nose to more severe respiratory infections.  Professional cleaning of the home’s ductwork can make a big difference, eliminating the majority of this dirt and dust from circulating through the air of the home.

Springtime Allergy Sufferers Can Find Relief

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

The springtime has finally arrived in New England.  Along with this, comes the seasonal allergies that many have to suffer through.  This time of year, it may be hard to find relief from these allergies outdoors, and instead you seek the refuge of your home.  However, this may not be the allergen-free place that you think it is.  Contaminants may be circulating through your home’s air, including dust, dirt, pet dander, and even pollen tracked in from outside.  The culprit could be your home’s heating and air conditioning system. Time for professional air duct cleaning.

Is DIY Air Duct Cleaning a Good Idea?

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It’s been a long winter. The furnace has been running hard circulating warmth throughout your home for months. Recently, you feel dry and stuffed up and wonder why that may be the case. You suspect it has to do with your indoor air quality. Upon searching throughout the house for issues, you realize the air ducts need cleaning. They are full of dust and debris, so you consider hiring an air duct cleaning service.

Poor Indoor Air Quality at Home Can Negatively Impact Your Health

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You hear a lot on the news today about the air quality, from pollen and smog levels to other contaminants, outdoors that can impact how we feel and our overall health. What you may not realize is that your home’s indoor air quality is equal, if not more, important. The air you breathe at home may be fraught with pollen, pet dander, dust and other contaminants.

Do I Need Air Duct Cleaning?

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Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of several heating and cooling system mechanisms of forced air structures. This includes the supply and return air ducts and registers, the heating and cooling coils, the grills, drip pans, and so much more that conduct the flow of air in your home. These components must be appropriately installed, maintained and managed in order for the air system to be free of dust particles, pollen and other contaminates. If moisture is present, there is also a potential for mold. So, what are the benefits of air duct cleaning?

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

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With spring officially in full swing and the weather finally starting to warm up, many New Englanders are being hit with the discomfort of seasonal allergies. While there may not be anything that can be done outdoors, you can ensure that your home’s indoor air quality improves with air duct cleaning. This can go a long way to making the spring and summer months more comfortable for everyone.

4 Reasons You Need Professional Air Duct Cleaning

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You might need professional air duct cleaning and not even realize it. HVAC systems typically are out-of-sight and out-of-mind. As long as the heat is working in the winter and air conditioner in the summer, everyone is happy. Just set your desired temperature on the thermostat and enjoy the comfort of your home or office. But is that all there is? What about the system of ductwork circulating the air? This mechanical system runs below floors, through walls, and above ceilings. It is a hidden network of ducting that carries the air we breathe. So does this system require any maintenance or cleaning? Here are four reasons why you should consider professional air duct cleaning.

Three Common Questions on Air Duct Cleaning

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Air duct cleaning is a subject that many families are discussing this summer, especially with the rising temperatures and the increase in allergens within their home systems. Many homeowners are discovering that their air duct systems are no longer performing to peak capacity and they’re receiving less value for their investment in energy. To help respond to this common problem, it’s important to analyze air duct cleaning services and what these services might bring to the home. In this post, the team here at Soil Away examines three common questions on air duct cleaning.

The Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Spring

Homeowners across New Hampshire have been waking up to spring weather in recent weeks. The warmer temperatures are welcome for most but they do bring with them a separate set of challenges when it comes to maintaining home air duct systems. Let’s examine several of the leading benefits of professional air duct cleaning this spring season for clients in Nashua, Concord and Manchester, NH and the surrounding areas.

Two Reasons to Use Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services Before Winter

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As the winter weather approaches homes across the northern United States, many families are now considering the home maintenance tasks that will help ensure they’re ready for the coming cooler temperatures. In addition to outdoor home maintenance, there are a few tasks to take care of inside the home before this coming winter season. In this blog, we’ll look at two important reasons to use professional air duct cleaning services before this coming winter.

Duct and Vent Cleaning- Bedford, NH

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Duct and vent cleaning was a part of the discussion amongst board members of a neighborhood association in Bedford, NH. They were assembled for their monthly association meeting. The topic of duct and vent cleaning had never surfaced before. Recent events had pushed it to the top of the priority list. One of their neighbors just had a scare with a dryer fire. The dryer vent had never been cleaned. The built up lint and debris ignited causing a small fire. Within two weeks of the dryer fire, another family needed extensive air duct cleaning because of construction dust. This was following an extensive home renovation. The Bedford neighborhood was now looking into duct and vent cleaning for everyone.

Air Duct Cleaning- Amherst, NH

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The “honey-do” list was dwindling for new homeowners in Amherst. The mailbox had been fixed, new shrubs had been planted, and the driveway had been sealed. Now it was time to focus on the interior of the home. The couple was expecting a baby in five months. The nursery had to be painted and prepared. In addition setting up the crib, the couple wanted to ensure the house was as clean as possible.

They purchased and moved into their Amherst home in the fall. During the winter heating season they had both noticed dust built up on the heating registers. They property was five years old and as far as they knew, the heating and A/C ducts had never been cleaned. The former owners had two kids and a dog. The house was in great condition, but got plenty of use from the previous family.

The couple received a mailer from Soil-Away promoting their air duct cleaning services. Upon researching the company online and calling some of their friends for referrals, they decided hire Soil-Away to clean their ducts. The process to get an estimate and schedule the service was easy and conducive to their busy lives. The service was performed within two weeks of the call and they could cross yet another item off of the “honey-do” list. They also had peace of mind knowing that the accumulated dust, debris, and pet dander had been removed from their home’s HVAC system.

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