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Duct and Vent Cleaning- Bedford, NH

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Duct and vent cleaning was a part of the discussion amongst board members of a neighborhood association in Bedford, NH. They were assembled for their monthly association meeting. The topic of duct and vent cleaning had never surfaced before. Recent events had pushed it to the top of the priority list. One of their neighbors just had a scare with a dryer fire. The dryer vent had never been cleaned. The built up lint and debris ignited causing a small fire. Within two weeks of the dryer fire, another family needed extensive air duct cleaning because of construction dust. This was following an extensive home renovation. The Bedford neighborhood was now looking into duct and vent cleaning for everyone.

After some research, the board members learned that dryer vent cleaning service is recommended annually. This recommendation is made fairly consistently across fire departments and insurance companies. Houses in this Bedford neighborhood ranged from seven to four years old. No one at the meeting knew of anyone who was getting their dryer vent cleaned annually. Most people had never even thought about it. This was about to change. They did not want anyone to experience a fire from a clogged vent.
Following the vent cleaning topic was the issue of air ducts. One of the board members recently had a new addition put on to their Bedford home. During the process, the contractors did not take adequate measures to minimize construction dust. A fine layer of construction dust fell on everything in their living room and kitchen. A frustrating cleanup process ensued. In addition, dust had been circulated through their HVAC duct system. In addition to thorough cleaning of the living room and kitchen, was the need for air duct cleaning. The air duct cleaning process removed dust and debris from the HVAC system.
With the need for duct and vent cleaning established, the board members wanted to provide a solution. They would research duct and vent cleaning companies and provide recommendations to the other residents of the Bedford community. Fortunately the search for a company would not take long. Both the duct and vent cleaning jobs were performed by the same company: Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services.
The insurance company of the homeowner with the dryer fire recommended Soil-Away for the cleanup of the fire and smoke damage. Soil-Away informed the homeowner that they also performed preventative maintenance cleaning on dryer vents. The house was restored following the damage and now boasted a new dryer vent. The homeowner was thrilled with the fire and smoke damage restoration. They scheduled dryer vent cleaning service twelve months out.
The guilty general contractor who had created the dust problem hired Soil-Away to clean up their mess. Soil-Away took care of the dust in the living room and kitchen. They also performed the air duct cleaning. It was all done in one day and to the satisfaction of the homeowner. It was a big relief for the general contractor to.
At this point the decision for the board members was easy. They would recommend Soil-Away as the preferred duct and vent cleaning company for their Bedford, NH neighborhood. Soil-Away had already won clients in the development. They also had the capacity to provide both services which would simplify the process for everyone. In addition, Soil-Away was NADCA certified. The board crossed duct and vent cleaning off their agenda and moved on to the issue of political lawn signs.

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