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All homeowners need a professional carpet cleaner for different reasons. Some families with multiple children call for service because there was just a spaghetti fight on the living room carpet. Other homeowners call because Fluffy had her fifth accident this week in the hallway. Many people just want the peace-of-mind knowing that built up dirt is being removed from their flooring. Regardless of why you need a carpet cleaner, know that Soil-Away will be there. We specialize in carpet cleaning in the Bow, New Hampshire (NH) area.
One family we recently serviced in Bow, NH called us because they saw us cleaning the carpets at their neighbor’s house the prior week. They just moved into town and needed a reliable carpet cleaner. The wife suffered from allergies. The previous homeowner had two dogs and a cat. The carpets served as a filter collecting dust and dander from those pets. Vacuuming can only do so much. The people they bought the house from were supposed have the carpets professionally cleaned. They were not confident that it happened. It looked as if someone did a quick clean of the carpets with one of the rental machines you get from the grocery store. It was not cleaned sufficiently. The new owners took matters into their own hands. They hired Soil-Away to perform the carpet cleaning services.
Soil-Away dispatched a two-person crew for the job in Bow. It consisted of the lead carpet cleaner and an assistant. The senior technician was responsible for evaluating the house. He walked room-by-room with the homeowner. All areas of concern were identified. While the job was being scoped, the assistant carpet cleaner setup the truck for the job. Equipment was removed from the truck and brought into the house. Hoses were unrolled from the reel. They extended from the truck-mounted carpet cleaning unit directly into the living room where the cleaning would commence.
Following the initial setup, Soil-Away proceeded to pre-vacuum the carpets. Using a special HEPA filtered vacuum they removed excess surface dirt. This was followed by spraying a pre-treatment on spots and traffic areas to loosen stubborn soils. Hot-water extraction, or steam cleaning, was the next step. A powerful truck-mounted system was used to take out contaminants that are trapped deep in the fibers. The carpet cleaner uses a special wand that simultaneously flushes a solution through the carpets while it continuously extracts dirt. In doing this, Soil-Away was eliminating the vast majority of pet dander the homeowner was concerned about. The finishing steps on the cleaning process was to apply a fabric protectant. This is to defend against future staining. The assistant carpet cleaner also conditioned the fibers with a carpet rake. This revitalizes the fibers while giving the carpet a uniform appearance.
The carpet cleaning process Soil-Away follows was developed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). They are the primary standard-setting, non-profit organization for the cleaning and restoration industry. Soil-Away holds their highest designation of certification: Master Certified Textile Cleaner. This means Soil-Away’s carpet cleaning clients will receive premier service levels combined with optimal cleaning results. Residents in Bow, NH who need a quality carpet cleaner should take note.

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