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“Is professional carpet cleaning worth it?” – Asks Manchester Homeowners and Businesses

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We are faced with carpet cleaning questions every day from clients in the Manchester, NH area. How important is it to get my carpets professionally cleaned? Is it worth the investment? Our answer is obviously “yes.” Carpet Cleaning is important and worth it. That is not our answer because we want to keep ourselves employed. It is because there is value in the services of a professional carpet cleaner. It starts with protecting the flooring investment in your home or business. Allow us to make an analogy with professional carpet cleaning and automobile maintenance.
Most people understand the importance of routine maintenance for their personal vehicles. Scheduled oil changes, tire rotations, transmission flushes, brake inspections, etc… help vehicle owners maintain peak performance and safety standards. These basic rules are the same for a $100,000 luxury SUV or a $15,000 economy car. They both require proper maintenance in order for owners to obtain their full value. Taking care of the carpet in your home or business should be approached with the same mindset. Routine oil changes are to cars what professional carpet cleaning is to carpets.
Flooring is one of the largest investments in your home or business. Many homeowners can spend into the tens-of-thousands of dollars on carpeting for their home. Likewise, large professional businesses and facilities can spend into the hundreds-of-thousands on carpet installations. Why would anyone not want to take care of that investment? Regular professional carpet cleaning is the simplest way to protect your flooring investment. Unfortunately, carpet cleaning so often gets overlooked. It gets pushed down the priority list until the carpets are on the verge of needing costly replacement. It can be very difficult to recover at that point. Our advice is to stay ahead of the carpet cleaning maintenance curve. Again, would you wait until your engine ceases before getting an oil change?
Carpet maintenance for commercial and residential settings share many similarities. It both cases it is quite simple. We encourage routine vacuuming with a HEPA vacuum. Think of vacuuming like the oil changes on you vehicle. It is the most basic and important maintenance step. Most commercial buildings should be vacuumed daily. Homes should be vacuumed at least once a week. The frequency should increase based on usage: kids, pets, events, etc… When vacuuming, make sure to focus on the high traffic areas. They accumulate more dirt and debris. Vacuuming prevents damaging debris, such as sand, to accumulate. Sand acts as an abrasive within carpet fibers. Poor vacuuming habits will result in premature wear and deterioration of the fiber.
In addition to routine vacuuming is the necessity of professional carpet cleaning. A periodic deep flush and extraction of the carpet is necessary for the functionality, performance, and aesthetics of the carpeting. Hot-water-extraction, or steam cleaning, removes dirt that vacuuming cannot. It also will release accumulated spots, spills, and odors. Residential carpet manufacturers typically recommend professional cleaning every twelve months. This may increase or decrease based on usage. Commercial carpet maintenance typically requires more customization. For example, in an industrial setting, carpets may require cleaning every six weeks. Restaurants, medical, and retail facilities also require frequent professional cleanings. A professional carpet cleaning service, such as Soil-Away, will be able to setup facility specific plans to keep your carpets in the best shape possible.
Is professional carpet cleaning worth it? Since 1990 the Soil-Away Team has been answering that question. Thousands of clients in areas such as Manchester, Bedford, Windham, Atkinson, Londonderry, and Bow, New Hampshire (NH) depend on Soil-Away to maintain the carpets in their homes or businesses. Next time you check the oil on your car, ask yourself “when was the last time I hired a professional carpet cleaner?” It might be time to call Soil-Away. Do not neglect to protect your flooring investment.

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