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Professional Air Duct Cleaning- Windham, NH

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Choosing the right professional air duct cleaning company can be a challenge. This was the case for one Windham, New Hampshire (NH) family. The family had just moved to NH from out-of-state. They were excited to get a fresh start in a new area. They were however struggling to find quality contractors to perform services at their home. Being new to the area they did not have relationships in the community to ask for referrals. One priority for them was to find a professional air duct cleaning company. Indoor air quality was very important to them.
The Windham family had high expectations when it came to hiring contractors for their home. They had no time for subpar service. They wanted a job done once and done right. Bad experiences in the past had taught them what to look for. When it came to hiring a professional air duct cleaning service they had a few criteria that must be met. The first requirement was that the company was certified through the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. The family knew that NADCA certified companies have passed standardized testing for their trade. NADCA firms must also abide by high ethical standards. The second factor that the family considered was the type of company. They preferred to work with local, independent firms. Nothing against franchises, but they wanted to support truly local businesses. With these criteria in mind, the family started researching professional air duct cleaning companies that serviced Windham, NH.
Following some brief online research, the family found Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services. The company’s main office in Hooksett was only twenty minutes from their Windham home. Soil-Away was a NADCA certified firm and was not a franchise. In fact, they found out that Soil-Away was a family business and had been around for 25 years. They were very excited. They had finally found their professional air duct cleaning service provider.
The family, while visiting Soil-Away’s website, submitted an online inquiry for more information. A friendly representative from the company called them within thirty minutes to address their questions. After a brief phone consultation, an appointment for professional air duct cleaning was booked. The following day a NADCA certified crew arrived at the Windham property to perform services. All twenty-three vents and returns were cleaned. The dust, dirt, and debris that accumulated from the previous owners of the home were removed. A couple days following the service, Soil-Away emailed the family multiple before and after pictures of their ducts. This ensured the family that the job was done correctly and to their satisfaction.
The following weekend the Windham family got the chance to meet some of their neighbors at a community event. They were excited to make new friends in the area. One other family they met was also new to the area. They got talking and discovered numerous commonalities. They chatted about the challenges of moving to a new area. Eventually the topic of contractors came up. The family shared their positive experience with Soil-Away’s professional air duct cleaning service. Come to find out the other family had just hired Soil-Away for carpet cleaning a week earlier. They all agreed that they would be long-term clients of the company.

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