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Rug Cleaner- Londonderry, NH

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Hiring the right rug cleaner can make the difference between a happy leaseholder and one who gives you issues. This was the case with one Londonderry, New Hampshire (NH) landlord who recently hired Soil-Away for professional rug cleaning services. The landlord owned a commercial office park on route 102. The building had two stories of professional office space. Soil-Away was hired as the rug cleaner to fix the shortcomings of the previous company. The issues created by the previous carpet cleaning company almost lead to the landlord losing his new tenant.
This rug cleaning case study begins in early-May. A mortgage company was vacating the space in the Londonderry building. Once all their belongings were out, the unit had to be prepped for the inbound lessee. General maintenance was performed. Light fixtures were updated and locks were changed. Walls were painted and janitorial services completed. Getting the carpets professionally cleaned was the final stage prior to the walkthrough. The landlord scheduled the rug cleaner for a Friday. The tenant’s lease started on June 1st which was the following Monday. Friday came and went. The rug cleaner did not show. The lessee wanted to inspect the unit on Saturday afternoon. The carpets had not been cleaned. The moving truck was showing up Monday morning to start setting up the new office.
The panicked landlord needed a solution. He had a new client moving in to his Londonderry office building just 48 hours from now. The discount rug cleaner he hired had been a no show. It was the weekend. He doubted anyone would be able to clean the carpets on such short notice. He called a few contacts he had for a referral, but no one picked up the phone. He finally called his wife to see if she knew any rug cleaners. Fortunately, just two months earlier she had hired Soil-Away to clean all the carpets in their nearby Derry home. She still had their magnet on the fridge. The landlord called the office and was able to connect on Soil-Away’s 24/7 emergency service line. After a couple back-and-forth calls, the Soil-Away representative was able to scramble a rug cleaning crew over from Manchester where they were finishing another carpet cleaning job.
The Soil-Away rug cleaners arrived by 12noon to the Londonderry office complex. The landlord was onsite to meet them. Within twenty minutes the carpet cleaning was underway. The owner was breathing a sigh of relief. By 2:30pm the new tenant showed up for the inspection. The rug cleaning crew was wrapping up the job. The once trashed carpets now looked much improved. Both the landlord and tenant expressed their gratitude. A disaster was avoided. Soil-Away saved the day.
Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration specializes in residential and commercial carpet and rug cleaning for the Londonderry area. If you are in the need for a reputable rug cleaner for your home or office, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. With 25 years of experience we guarantee your satisfaction. Soil-Away is an IICRC master-certified textile cleaning firm. Do not trust you carpet and rug cleaning needs to anyone else.

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