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Flood Water Removal – Bedford, NH

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What to Do When Flood Damage Claims Your Home

Flood damage-two words that any home or business owner never wants to hear, as these two anxiety-ridden words are enough to make anyone cringe at just the thought of how costly and time-consuming flood water removal and restoration will be. “How did this happen?!” “What do we do?!” and “How much is this going to cost?!” are all common questions that many home or business owners face when uncovering they have flood damage, especially during the winter months when much of the collected water is unable to dry out.
Fortunately, your friends at Soil-Away are the flood water removal experts, and service home and business owners in Bedford, New Hampshire (NH). Soil-Away provides residents with 24/7 emergency water and flood damage restoration services, and we will even work together with your insurance company to ensure a smooth and less stressful water damage mitigation process. So, before your child decides to grab their swimming pool float to “go for a swim” in the basement, call the flood damage cleanup experts at Soil-Away to claim your home back from water damage.

Do You Know What’s in Your Gutters?

There are numerous factors that contribute to a home or business being impacted by a flood. In the winter, a common cause of a flood, especially in a basement, is when gutters are clogged by ice or snow which causes them to crack or break. During the winter months, snow and ice builds-up in gutters, which prevents the melted elements from flowing properly down the downspouts and away from the structure. If any debris, such as twigs and leaves, are also in the gutters, this can cause increased damage by cracking or breaking the gutter and downspout, resulting in the ice and snow to collect near the structure’s foundation and saturating the soil. As the soil continuously becomes saturated, it puts pressure on the structure which may result in cracks in the foundation and basement or lower-level flooding.
Unfortunately, many people do not know that their home or business is prone to flooding, unless they routinely check the foundation for cracks or holes, and maintains the structure’s gutter system to ensure water is being directed away from the building. We all know cleaning the gutters and keeping up with routine household or business maintenance is not as exciting as spending the weekend yelling at the T.V. while your favorite sports team loses or laying on the couch with some hot chocolate while your dog eyes your every move, but preventive measures now may help your sanity and wallet in the future.

Soil-Away Is Here for Flood Water Removal in Bedford!

Soil-Away is a family-owned and operated business that has 25 years of flood restoration and cleanup experience. In the event that your home or business is claimed by a flood, contact our 24/7 flood water removal emergency line, and we will work with you and your insurance company as quickly as possible to extract the water and get eliminate this additional stressor in your life. Whether it is a flood due to broken appliances, a rain storm, a clogged gutter or broken washing machine hose, Soil-Away is your water mitigation experts!
Written by: K. Gnatowski

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