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Why Should I Hire a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company?

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage, soot and fires.

A restoration company can go a long way to correcting damage to your home or business after a fire.  Experienced in handling this type of work, fire restoration professionals can address all of the damage to your home caused by the flames.  In addition, smoke can leave behind its own damage, including a lasting odor that is often hard to remove.  A professional restoration team can remove any underlying odor.

Addressing Fire, Smoke and Other Damage

The damage after a fire can extend well beyond what was caused by the flames.  From falling ash and smoke to the efforts to extinguish the fire, this is best handled by a professional restoration team.  Professionals can ensure that the damage is corrected, making repairs as necessary, and securing the property if the level of damage will require more time.  The ability to assess the damage and take action quickly is important for everyone to be able to move beyond the disaster.

In some cases, property may be salvaged.  A professional restoration team is able to assess the level of damage, using their equipment and expertise to restore not only the building but the property as well.  Restoration teams equipped with the ability to clean soft contents, like the teams at Soil-Away, may even be able to restore fire damaged property such as clothing, stuffed animals and blankets.

Lingering Smoke Odors are Removed

A fire leaves behind its memories with the underlying smell of smoke.  This smell can penetrate even areas of the property that were left untouched by the fire.  The odors may be contained in carpeting, draperies and even wall plastering.  The smell can not only be offensive to anyone living there, but it can also be a constant reminder of the fire.  A professional restoration team has the tools and experience needed to address the odors that are left behind, ensuring that any underlying smell of smoke is removed entirely.

The restoration teams at Soil-Away are experienced in fire restoration, returning countless homes and businesses to their pre-disaster state.  If a fire has struck your home or business, contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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