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Soot Damage repairs Pelham NH

Soot damage repairs – Pelham, NH

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Cold weather temperatures are here causing many people to find ways of warming their cold homes. This can sometime lead to an increase in fire damage and the need for fire and soot damage repairs. Space heaters, candles, overloading extension cords are just a few of the causes of these fires. Dirty, or poorly ventilated fireplaces, old or defective furnaces, and unattended stoves are some other culprits. In any case, care must be taken to protect yourself.

Prevention and protection can certainly decrease the chances of your home or business going up in smoke. However, fires can happen at any moment and can spread rapidly, causing extensive damage. The soot and smoke damage from a fire will most likely require the aid of a professional disaster restoration contractor. Soot travels through a structure causing damage as it moves, affecting areas untouched by flames. Even nearby structures can incur some type of soot and smoke damage. If you have been affected by a fire, you will certainly need to seek fire and soot damage repairs from a professional.

What is soot?

Soot is a fine, black, powdery substance that settles in areas that have been affected by fire and smoke. They are the byproduct of incomplete combustion. Soot is made up of carbon, but can include metals and various harmful chemicals. These particles are minute and can easily make their way into the small passageways of the lungs. This can cause serious respiratory illnesses as well as heart disease and some forms of cancer. Soot is not only dangerous; it is extremely difficult to remove without professional help.

Soot removal challenges

Soot is a very fine substance and can travel extensively, clinging to areas not in the path of the fire. They make their way toward the cooler parts of your home and can accumulate in areas not visible to the naked eye. Soot is very difficult to remove on your own. It’s sticky and can cling to most any surface. Soot can mix with moisture; which occurs when fires are extinguished. There are ways to remove this wet soot, but they are tricky and time consuming.

Professional help for soot damage repairs

While there are ways to remove soot, they don’t always work. All soot is different and should be removed by the correct methods. DIY methods could be damaging. The right cleaning solutions are most likely available to a professional and they would know just what to use. Not only do they have the proper solutions, they would also have the proper cleaning equipment for the job. If you’re looking for a qualified team of fire and soot damage repair experts, look no further than Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration.

Soil-Away is an IICRC master certified firm with more than 30 years’ experience. They have the equipment and the know-how to restore your Pelham, NH home to pristine condition. Soot can travel through ducts, but rest assured that Soil-Away knows just where to look to remove the problem. They also have deodorizing methods to remove smoke odor, leaving your home smelling fresh. They are available 24/7 and provide fast, friendly service. Call them at 1-800-293-6319.

Written by E. Aceves

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