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Fire and Smoke Damage - Portland, ME

Fire and Smoke Damage – Portland, ME

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A house in Portland, ME has fire and smoke damage after a large fire started from an air conditioner malfunction.  The fire occurred while the family was asleep.  The smoke detectors inside the house were not working properly, so the fire was able to spread throughout much of the house unheard.  Thankfully, the family woke up when they smelled the smoke.  Quickly, they rushed their pets outside and called for help.  If they were minutes later, they could have been burned, and their pets may have perished from the smoke and fire.  The family, animals, and the house were saved, but not without serious fire and smoke damage.

Smoke Detectors Save Lives and Prevent Smoke and Fire Damage

Even with the best safety procedures intact, fires can occur.  The homeowners in Portland, ME were put in a dangerous situation because their smoke detectors were not working properly.  Thankfully, they are alive.  But they were not as safe as they should have been, and with more time lost, there was more fire and smoke damage in their home.  The homeowners, like many other people, need a refresher about fire safety.  The first step is making sure that smoke detectors work properly. 

Understanding Smoke Detectors for the Best Fire Prevention

Listed below are procedures one should follow to make sure their smoke detectors are functioning properly:

  1. Understand the particular make and model of your smoke detectors
  2. Always check smoke detectors once a month
  3. Replace batteries in smoke detectors once or twice a year, or as needed
  4. Replace smoke detectors either before or at their lifespan

It is important that one should understand the manufacturer’s instructions for their smoke detector, as it can vary depending on the brand one uses.  Sometimes smoke detectors will go off without anyone touching them, or there may be false alarms.  Homeowners should understand why this occurs.  Additionally, kitchen smoke can spark the smoke alarms and wear out the batteries, so it is important to routinely check the detectors to make sure they work properly. 

Limit Fire and Smoke Damage with Smoke Detectors

Installing smoke detectors is one thing, but testing them is another.  Assuming that the smoke detectors work without testing them can lead to a dangerous situation.  In order to limit fire and smoke damage, smoke detectors should be monitored routinely and should work properly.  When testing smoke detectors, one should:

  1. Evaluate whether the smoke detectors can be heard at the farthest point of the house
  2. Make sure the sound is loud enough.  If not, the detectors may need new batteries.
  3. Try to avoid placing the smoke detectors in the way of dust or other substances that may prevent the alarm from sounding

If there are any further questions or concerns, call professionals that will be able to help you understand and test your smoke detectors.  When it comes to a fire, time is money.  The more time wasted in a fire, the more fire and smoke damage will be done to your home.

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The large amount of fire and smoke damage in their home reminded the family in Portland, ME that they needed to prioritize fire safety.  It also reminded them that they needed to repair their home.  Hearing raving reviews from their neighbors, the family decided to call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, LLC to provide disaster relief for their home.  Soil-Away is a local company that offers around-the-clock all-in-one services for fire damage, water damage, soot and dust cleaning and reconstruction services.  If you need property damage restoration from a fire or flood, Soil-Away will come to your rescue.  Call today and have your property repaired by Soil-Away.

By A. Phelps

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