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Soft Contents Cleaning

Textile and Soft Contents Cleaning After a Disaster

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Some of the most important items in our lives, those with the most sentimental attachments, are often the ones that can be the most difficult to restore after a fire or flood.  Clothing, plush animals and dolls, leather items and other soft materials can be one of the biggest challenges to clean and disinfect after smoke or water has affected them.  However, with the right technology this can be done.

The Challenge of Cleaning Textile and Soft Contents

After a fire or flood, it is important that you be made whole again.  Much of the damage to your belongings often involve soft materials, such as clothing or children’s plush toys.  Losing these items can hit on a more personal level, as they are often accompanied by a level of attachment.  There is an added challenge to cleaning and restoring these types of fabrics and other textiles. 

These items are frequently contacting human skin, as is the case of clothing, or held by a young child in the case of a stuffed animal.  This makes it critical that the use of harsh chemicals, that can lead to health concerns, are not used during the cleaning process of these soft materials.  Equally important is that the items are not only cleaned properly, but disinfected as well.

Esporta Wash System, The Most Effective Technology for Soft Contents Cleaning

In past years the industry struggled with a way to thoroughly clean these soft items, without doing any damage during the restoration process.  The introduction of Esporta technology revolutionized how soft contents are cleaned, offering an effective way to clean and disinfect clothing, blankets, stuffed animals and other soft items. 

The Esporta Wash System’s patented technology is able to clean category 1, 2 and 3 water damage, heavy smoke and soot damage to the highest level of clean.  The cleaning process, which easily outperforms traditional laundry, not only removes outward damage to the items, but it also disinfects removing underlying bacteria and contaminants.  The Esporta Wash System is also gentle enough to handle even the most delicate items without damage.

This technology combines the right temperature, cleaning agents and mechanical reactions to provide the highest level of soft contents cleaning.  Utilizing environmentally-friendly cleaning agents, no harsh chemicals are necessary that may be a concern after the cleaning. 

Peace of Mind Knowing that Your Items Not Only Look Clean, But Are Clean

The naked eye cannot detect underlying bacteria that may be lurking in items after a fire or flood.  With the Esporta Wash System, you can rest assured that not only do the items look clean but that is has been disinfected to remove any leftover irritants.  The Esporta Wash System can sanitize to a “food grade safe” clean.  This technology has drastically changed the restoration industry, now offering the opportunity to thoroughly clean items that would have been damaged beyond repair in the past.

Soil-Away uses Esporta technology for all soft contents cleaning, with the Esporta iS4000 System.  With teams on call 24/7, 365 days a year Soil-Away can restore even those belongings that you thought were damaged beyond repair.  Contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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