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Month: October 2014

Soft Contents Restoration NH

Soil-Away Hosts Soft Contents Restoration Course for Insurance Adjusters- Hooksett, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Company & Industry News, Contents Restoration, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage, Water Damage.

Soil-Away recently welcomed nearly 20 property damage insurance claims adjusters to their Hooksett, NH facility for a continuing education (CE) course. The CE course focused on soft contents restoration. Some examples of soft contents are the following: clothing, bedding, footwear, handbags, stuffed animals, leather goods, etc… When these items are damaged by fire, smoke or water they are either replaced or restored in the claims process. Soil-Away’s soft contents restoration course educated insurance adjusters on new methods to restore damaged goods.

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puff back cleaning manchester nh

What is a Furnace Puff Back?

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Contents Restoration, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage, Tips and Advice.

What is a puff back?
A puff back is a misfire or malfunction of an oil burning furnace. It sends soot throughout a home or business. The phenomenon can happen all at once (suddenly like a car backfiring) or over an extended period of time (a chronic problem that occurs with each system ignition). The property’s air ducting system will act as a conduit to distribute soot into every corner of the house or business. You will find an oily “dust” or soot covering your furniture, flooring, walls, picture frames, soft-contents, electronics, etc…

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Smoke and Soot Damage Cleanup – Derry, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage.

The kitchen was still smoldering. Light patches of smoke rose from charred cabinets and appliances. The fire suppression system and Derry Fire Department had just put out a kitchen fire. It was at a local restaurant. Just hours earlier a grease fire had ignited a stovetop pan. It was mishandled and led to it spreading. The whole situation was a blur for the Derry, NH restaurant owner and staff. They needed to regroup and recover. They needed professional smoke and soot damage cleanup immediately.

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Water Damage NH

Why Hire Certified Professionals for Water Damage Repair Work?

Written by chrischambers on . Posted in Blog, Water Damage.

The cleanup of a small water intrusion incident might seem like a job that can be completed effectively with household cleaning supplies. But the damage caused by water entering a property through a leaky roof or window area can become far reaching if it’s not resolved quickly and effectively. Here, we’ll examine why it’s important to work with certified Nashua water damage repair professionals.

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Water Extraction- Plymouth, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Water Damage.

Leaving a bathtub running and falling asleep in another room is never a good combination. This was the source of a major water damage restoration project Soil-Away was recently involved with. Soil-Away was contacted at 8:00pm by a property management firm in Plymouth, NH. It was for an emergency water extraction situation. The water extraction crew from Soil-Away’s Lakes Region office arrived within an hour.

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Puffback Cleanup- Exeter, NH

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage.

Soot covered everything in the Exeter, NH home. An oil furnace puffback had just occurred. The place needed extensive puffback cleanup services. Both the structure and contents were affected. The new homeowner could not believe it. He immediately made three phone calls. The first was to an oil burner repair company. The furnace had to be fixed. He could not deal with another puffback. The second call was to Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration to perform the puffback cleanup. They were referred by a neighbor. The third call was to his Exeter insurance agent to verify policy coverage. Fortunately the puffback cleanup was a covered insurance claim.

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