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Puffback Cleanup- Exeter, NH

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Soot covered everything in the Exeter, NH home. An oil furnace puffback had just occurred. The place needed extensive puffback cleanup services. Both the structure and contents were affected. The new homeowner could not believe it. He immediately made three phone calls. The first was to an oil burner repair company. The furnace had to be fixed. He could not deal with another puffback. The second call was to Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration to perform the puffback cleanup. They were referred by a neighbor. The third call was to his Exeter insurance agent to verify policy coverage. Fortunately the puffback cleanup was a covered insurance claim.
The new homeowner had just finished moving in five months ago. This Exeter home was the first he had ever lived in that had an oil furnace. He was unfamiliar with the operation and maintenance. The previous day he spent time tinkering with the furnace to get it to turn on. It was late fall. Temperatures were falling and his parents were visiting in a week. They lived in Florida. They would need the heat on full blast for the cold fall weather in Exeter. In addition to the stress of visiting parents, he now had to deal with a puffback cleanup project. It had to be done quickly.
A Soil-Away project manager arrived in Exeter the same day to evaluate the puffback soot damage. Picture documentation was taken of the entire house. The bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and basement were all affected. His furniture, clothing, picture frames, lamps, television, and appliances all had soot on them. The homeowner was anxious and very doubtful the project could be done before his parents’ arrival. The Soil-Away project manager assured him that if they started the puffback cleanup tomorrow, they would be done before the weekend. The homeowner signed the work authorization giving them the green light to proceed with the cleaning.
Puffback cleanup technicians arrived early the next morning to start the cleaning. They first verified that the oil furnace had been repaired. There is nothing more frustrating than starting the cleaning process only to have it re-soiled by another puffback. Working top-to-bottom, left-to-right the team worked methodically through each room. Ceilings and walls were wiped down with special soot restoration dry sponges. Appliances and other hard surfaced were cleaned and deodorized with damp clothes. Upholstery and carpets were cleaned with the truck-mounted, hot-water-extraction machine. Clothing and other soft-contents were inventoried and packed up. Items such as clothing, shoes, and bags were transported from Exeter to the Soil-Away shop. All the soft contents were cleaned in the Esporta Soft Contents Wash System. The soot from the puffback was disappearing quickly.
The puffback cleanup started on a Tuesday. By Thursday late afternoon the Soil-Away technicians were packing up their supplies from the Exeter home. The crew leader walked the homeowner through the house. They inspected everything together to make sure the puffback cleaning service was satisfactory. The crew leader instructed the homeowner to continue inspecting after they left. They would come back on Friday before the parents arrived to touch up any areas. The homeowner did not find any. Soil-Away’s puffback cleanup service had saved the day. Now he could focus on picking up his parents from the airport. He was excited to show off his newly cleaned Exeter home.

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