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Soil-Away Hosts Soft Contents Restoration Course for Insurance Adjusters- Hooksett, NH

Soil-Away recently welcomed nearly 20 property damage insurance claims adjusters to their Hooksett, NH facility for a continuing education (CE) course. The CE course focused on soft contents restoration. Some examples of soft contents are the following: clothing, bedding, footwear, handbags, stuffed animals, leather goods, etc… When these items are damaged by fire, smoke or water they are either replaced or restored in the claims process. Soil-Away’s soft contents restoration course educated insurance adjusters on new methods to restore damaged goods.
Currently, the industry is throwing out and replacing roughly 50% of soft contents in a home or business that have been affected by soot, smoke, and water damage. All items affected by category 3 water (i.e. sewage, ground water, etc…) and mold damage are being thrown away. This becomes very expensive for the insurance companies to replace. It is also costly to property owners who have to throw away unique and sentimental items. Many sentimental items just cannot be replaced by a check from the insurance company. Traditional wash methods such as dry cleaning and washing machines do not provide the cleaning versatility and capabilities that the industry demands.
Technological advancements in the contents restoration industry are changing the way soft contents are restored following a fire, soot and water damage situation. There is a massive paradigm shift in the insurance industry thanks to the Esporta Wash System. The capabilities of the Esporta Wash System and its network of certified operators have drastically decreased the need to replace soft contents after damaged by fire or floods. Items are now restored, not replaced. The bottom line is that insurance companies are saving millions of dollars and insurance customers are happier with their claim results. This has property damage insurance adjusters very excited.
Esporta Wash Systems advanced cleaning system goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional soft contents restoration methods. In addition to clothing, the system can clean items such as high-end handbags, leather boots, football pads, and little Susie’s favorite stuffed animal. These items would typically be discarded and left to accumulate in a landfill. Esporta Wash Systems can clean them all and more. In addition cleaning soft good affected by fire, soot, and water- the advanced wash system can restore items that are contaminated by mold and sewage. The patented technology will bring items to a “food grade clean” level. This is achieved and documented through sample before/after testing of items with an ATP meter.
Insurance adjusters who attended the soft contents restoration course at Soil-Away were very excited about the technology. Property damage claims for fire and water damage will be settled simpler, faster and more efficiently. The process is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Most importantly insurance adjusters know that their clients will be happier. Clients have a much greater chance of their damaged valuables and sentimental items back.
Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services is the only Esporta Certified Operator in New Hampshire (NH). The main office is located in Hooksett, NH and they service all of New Hampshire (NH), northern Massachusetts (MA), and southern Maine (ME).

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