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Flood Damage Repairs – Kennebunkport, ME

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A business chain in Kennebunkport, ME is preparing for a summer storm.  The business owners expect that flooding may occur and they want to take precautionary measures to prevent damage. New England storms can be dangerous, especially when they cause storm surge.  Storm surge is when the sea level rises due to low pressure, high winds, and strong waves created from hurricane activity.  Previously, a storm surge led to flooding in Kennebunkport, ME, causing many homes and businesses to look for flood damage repairs.  Now a second storm is anticipated, and residents are taking precautionary measures.

Preventing Water Damage

It is impossible to fully free a home or business from a flood, but the damage can usually be minimized.  By limiting the damage, one can prevent the need for extensive repairs.  Before the flood hits Kennebunkport, ME, homeowners and businesses will follow flood prevention protocol:

  • Secure hazardous items
  • Roll up rugs, move furniture, electrical appliances, and any other valuables to a higher level
  • Turn off any electrical outlets that may be affected from flooding
  • Relocate your pets to a safe place
  • Secure any safe documents or belongings in a waterproof case in an accessible location
  • Watch for news and updates on television or listen to a flood watch on radio

Following these simple rules can lessen any flood damage that may occur.  Nonetheless, regardless of the outcome, be ready to contact a company that can take care of flood damage repairs.

Seek Out a Company for Flood Damage Repairs and More!

When it comes to floods, one should be prepared in every way.  Flooding not only leads to water damage in one’s home.  Flooding also affects the interior and exterior structures of one’s home, as well as the contents within one’s home.  In many cases, it’s not enough to just seek out a water damage repair company because flood damage repairs extend beyond just water damage.  When looking for flood damage repairs, look for a company that can service and provide relief for all of these disasters:

  • Water damage, which occurs from the storms and flooding itself
  • Fire damage, which may occur from open electrical outlets and appliances
  • Mold remediation, which may occur from moisture within a flooded section of one’s home or business
  • Rebuilding, which may be necessary after a flood damages the exterior or interior structure of one’s home
  • Soft contents cleaning, which includes clothing, blankets, and stuffed animals that have been damaged by the flood

A company that will complete all of these tasks in one trip will save you money if there are multiple disasters, as well as save you the time and energy from calling several companies to take care of multiple tasks.

Call Soil-Away for Flood, Fire, Mold and Bio-Hazard Restoration

One such disaster relief company that provides multiple property restoration services is Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, LLC.  Soil-Away provides extensive disaster relief for all of the above listed services.  

After the first flood in Kennebunkport, ME, business owners called Soil-Away to take care of the flood damage repairs.  Not only were their properties repaired, they are now more knowledgeable about how to limit and prevent damage when a flood occurs.  Soil-Away is a highly reputable and recommended disaster restoration company servicing Maine and New Hampshire since 1990. The company has knowledgeable and hard-working technicians that are IICRC-certified and who truly care about your home or business.  If you need disaster relief services and water damage restoration, don’t hesitate to call Soil-Away today at 1-800-293-6319.

By A. Phelps

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