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Fire Damage Cleanup and Repairs – Bow, NH

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It was the beginning of Thanksgiving weekend, when a Bow, New Hampshire resident decided to fry a turkey for the holidays. Little did he know that frying a turkey could be dangerous if done improperly. Within minutes, the kitchen was ablaze and a fire rescue team was called to put out the fire. After the fire was extinguished, the home was boarded up for security, and the cleaning and restoration crew arrived to inspect the damage to the structure and remove any soft-materials for fire damage cleanup and repairs. Because the kitchen was the most damaged part of the home, the crew prioritized most of their time removing cabinetry, the affected drywall behind the stove and the charred kitchen floors.

Restoration After a Fire

After soot, debris, and smoke damaged property was cleared, it was time to restore the home back to pre-existing condition.  Chemical-sponges were used to remove pesky soot from the surface of the affected areas throughout the house. During this process, the ceiling and walls above the stove were completely wiped down. Even though this cleaning tool is called a chemical sponge, there are no chemicals used in this process; it is simply a specially designed sponge used to remove hard-to-see soot and oils.

When the initial wipe down was complete, the crew began the restoration process while dressed in their protective PPE suits. For this restoration job, the team needed to completely remove most of the drywall in the kitchen and treat the frame with deodorizing cleaning agents. Once this process was complete, the fun part began. Within no time, the crew restructured the entire wall and everything was not only normal but better than before.

Restoring Fire-Damaged Textiles and Soft-Contents

Soft materials can now be restored with the Esporta washing system. This system is so efficient that it can restore up to 85 percent of previously lost smoke damaged textiles and soft-contents. The powerful washing system can restore items that have succumbed to category one through three water damage, soot, mold, and even bio-hazard waste contamination without destroying its quality. Insurance companies love this restoration method because it tremendously saves them on time and money and customers enjoy it because of the fast results.

How to Avoid the Need for Fire Damage Cleanup and Repairs

The best way to arm yourself against the need for fire damage cleanup and repairs is to be proactive. In this case, the Bow, New Hampshire resident was able to recover damaged property entirely. But the situation could have been grave. Because the best solution is prevention, here are some tips to remember when you’re cooking your holiday meals:

  • Do not attempt to fry a turkey indoors.
  • Only fry completely thawed meat.
  • Be careful not to over fill the pot with oil.
  • Carefully monitor the cooking temperature at all times.

Following these cooking tips can help you keep you and your family safe this holiday season. But if you do experience a grease fire, please don’t try to extinguish it using water or ice. Always use a fire extinguisher designed and rated for kitchen applications.

Soil-Away Helps You Recover After a Fire

Soil-Away is an IICRC master-certified company who specializes in restoring homes and business facilities after a major catastrophe has taken place. Whether the job is big or small, Soil-Away has the capacity to handle it all. The restoration company has been servicing the greater New Hampshire area for nearly 30 years, and their quality and customer satisfaction continues to speak for itself. If you need fire damage cleanup and repair services, please call the 24/7 emergency contact number (603) 641-6555.

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