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Getting Rid of Smoke Odor – Concord, NH

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Everyone can agree the smell of smoke is offensive and annoying, to say the least. The odor can be noxious. Whether your Concord, NH home has been exposed to smoke damage from a small house fire, an electrical fire, bombarded by cigarette smoke, or if it has been in the path of a forest fire, the irritating smell is still there. Getting rid of smoke odor can be an overwhelming task. Here are some things you can do.

Cleaning smoke odors from walls

Smoke odor can travel to other parts of your home, particularly if you have a forced air furnace or air conditioner in use. Getting rid of smoke odor that is widespread throughout your Concord, NH home can be a challenge. First, air out your home; open doors and windows (weather permitting). Walls can be cleaned by using TSP, (trisodium phosphate). Mix 1 cup to 20 cups of water or use a TSP spray. Be sure to use gloves, eye protection, etc… If you choose to repaint, clean and disinfect the walls first and then use an odor-blocking primer.  Just painting over the odor will only trap the smell. It must be properly cleaned first.

Removing smoke odors from fabric and carpets

Washable items such as clothes, linens, drapes and curtains can be placed in a plastic bag with two dryer sheets and 2 tablespoons baking soda per three to five clothing items. Seal the bag and shake it. Leave it overnight. Shake out remaining baking soda. Wash the clothes/fabric items in a standard wash cycle with your normal detergent. This prevents smoke odors from being transferred to your washing machine. Once you’ve cleaned and dried the items, bag them and store them away from your home until you have finished the deodorizing process, as they can soak up smoke odors still in the home. To remove odor from carpets, sprinkle carpets with a layer of baking soda or a strong cleaner like OdoBan, then vacuum. Getting rid of smoke odor from household items is possible, it just takes some effort.

Getting rid of smoke odor from books and paper products

To remove smoke odors from books air out the book over a railing or clothes line in a shady spot for a few hours a day. Seal the book in a container of potpourri. Replace the potpourri after a day. Do this for a few days. Throw out the potpourri when done. You could also press dryer sheets between the pages at even intervals and seal them in a plastic bag. Or you could dust your paper product or book with a sprinkle of baking soda for two or three days then remove with a vacuum cleaner. This method neutralizes odors without masking the smoke smell.

Professional help for smoke odor removal services

These are great do-it-yourself methods for getting rid of smoke odor on small jobs. For the large, complex projects you should call a professional. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is always there to help. If your home has been wrecked by intense fires, structural damage may be a problem. Call a professional. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is an IICRC master certified company who specializes in removing the toughest smoke odor from properties. Soil-Away cleans, restores and repairs all fire and smoke damaged properties. They work with all insurance companies on claims and will do wonders with your smoke infested home. Call them at (603) 641-6555.
Written by E. Aceves

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