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Rebuilding After a Fire – Construction Services are Often Needed

Following the completion of fire restoration services, homeowners and businesses must turn to the renovation or rebuild phase.  Depending on the severity of the fire and the level of the damage, this often requires construction services to restore the building.  This construction may be simply replacing kitchen cabinetry or as in-depth as gutting the area for a complete rebuild.

A Fire Can Leave Lasting Damage that Needs to be Addressed

Once the fire has been put out and the area has been cleaned, removing soot and ash, there is often more extensive damage to the structure and design of the building.  This damage extends beyond the scope of restoration, often requiring construction services to return the home or business to the shape it was in before the fire. Besides cosmetic issues, there could be safety and structural matters to address.

A Company with Restoration and Construction Experience

Fire damage can leave lasting damage to the walls, cabinetry and other structures of a home or business.  After the initial restoration has been complete, the construction phase is needed to restore the area.  To truly identify the extent of the damage after restoration, you need a company that is skilled in handling these types of situations.  Soil-Away has experience working with property owners after a fire not only offering restoration services, but also to provide construction to rebuild the damaged area.

Another challenge with restoring your life and property is dealing with the insurance company. It can be confusing and stressful. Soil-Away specializes in insurance claim management. The entire Soil-Away process is geared towards helping you recover from property disaster as efficiently as possible. This includes working with insurance adjusters, documenting all phases of the project, and managing costs to eliminate any surprise expenses to you.

Soil-Away makes the process of becoming whole again after a fire even easier by offering restoration and construction services.  This allows the company to not only restore the property after a fire, but also to rebuild any damaged areas making the property owner once again whole.

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