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Water Damage Insurance Claim – Manchester, NH

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You’re sitting in your living room, relaxing after a long day at work, when suddenly, you notice a stain on your ceiling. The spot on the ceiling is directly below your upstairs bathroom. Panic sets in. This must be water damage, but where is the water coming from? What’s the extent of the damage? How do you even begin going about fixing the problem? Will I have to submit a water damage insurance claim? The questions are racing through your head.
To begin, it helps to understand what the causes of water damage can be and the resources at your disposal for rectifying the concern.

When water damage occurs

In this case bathroom water damage occurred due to leaks from the shower drain pipe.  Water damage can either be an easy fix or a complete disaster, depending on the amount of damage.  Some people choose to take care of water damage on their own if it is an easy fix, but this is not always recommended.  In most cases it is advised to call a professional who is trained to cleanup water damage, as this will ensure the job is done correctly.

Am I covered by insurance for water damage?

Most standard home water damage insurance policies cover water damage if it is sudden and accidental.  Some coverage is included in a standard home policy, while other coverage may not be covered unless you add an endorsement to your existing policy.  A lot of times your coverage will depend on the type of home you have.  A lesser expensive policy may not include everything regarding water damage.  The best suggestion is to check with your insurance company or local broker to fully understand the water damage insurance coverages on your policy.
When it comes to dealing with a water damage insurance claim, it is also important to understand what kind of damage has occurred.  Different terms such as “flood,” “overflow and discharge,” and “sewer backup or water backup” may warrant different claims and coverages.

Different types of water damage insurance claims

Sewer and water backup

A sewer or water backup is when water comes up or is pushed into your home from a sewer or drainage system.  This leaves unsanitary water in your home that can affect your health or personal property. Professional sewer backup cleaning services are highly recommended in these cases. You want to make sure you are covered by insurance in these instances. Sewer coverage can be added to your plan depending on your insurance provider.  Contact your insurance company to find the specific cost.

Overflow damage

Overflow damage is when there is flooding from plumbing or appliances in your home.  Some examples where accidental overflow takes place are bathtubs or washing machines.  For coverage in an overflow damage case it usually needs to be sudden and accidental. Issues related to lack of maintenance or wear-and-tear on your plumbing or appliances typically have a harder time receiving claim coverages. These are some of the questions insurance adjusters analyze when determining claim outcomes.

Water damage versus flood damage

People may claim they have flood damage when they file a claim, but the appropriate term is “water damage.”  There is a difference between “water damage” and “flood damage” but most people only have “water damage.”  “Flood damage” usually occurs when more than one house is involved and the water rises to a substantial level inside your home.  Generally, insurance claims do not cover these ground-water floods.  However, if you feel you have flood damage, you should act quickly and seek fast water damage mitigation services.

Understanding which water damage insurance claim coverage is best for you

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you’re covered for a water damage insurance claim.  The best advice is to check with a personal insurance representative to find out what is covered within your policy. Make sure to ask if there any endorsements you need to expand your coverage for water damage.

Water damage removal for Manchester, NH

Soil-Away is a preferred disaster restoration vendor for dozens of local and national insurance companies, which helps makes your claim process less-stressful. Once you know your water damage insurance claim coverage, you should contact a water restoration company, like Soil-Away, to seek water damage removal.  Soil-Away is a local NH-based business, family-owned and operated since 1990.  Soil-Away has staff and technicians who are certified in cleaning and restoration services.  You can contact Soil-Away at (603) 641-6555.
Written by: A. Phelps

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