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What to do if you suspect mold problems – Goffstown, NH

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The idea of mold in your home instantly causes anxiety for many people. If you suspect mold problems there are certain things you should consider during your effort to remedy the situation. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration is a certified mold remediation firm serving Goffstown, New Hampshire (NH) and surrounding towns. This article serves to help our current and prospective clients put their potential mold issues in perspective.

Why do you suspect mold problems?

Many consumers call the Soil-Away office and say they “suspect mold problems.” One of the first questions we ask is “why?” Some mold damage situations can be quite obvious because of the visual appearance, but in many cases mold issues can be ambiguous. Mold likes to hide in dark, damp places. Locations such as crawlspaces, behind cabinetry, and under carpets are great places for microbial growth to take place under the right circumstances. In these situations clients can’t see any issues, but will express concerns about things such as musty odors, poor air quality or even physical discomforts. At this point it is good to consider the following questions:

  • Have you recently had any flooding or water damage?
  • Do you know of any water infiltration in to the property such as chronic roof leaks, dripping pipes, rain through windows, etc…
  • Do you know the humidity levels in your home?
  • Have you had any recent renovations or alterations to the home?
  • Do you have water drainage issues in your yard near the foundation?
  • Are your home’s appliances and utilities operating correctly (dishwashers, bathroom vent fan, dryer vent, HVAC system, etc…)?


What resources exist to help me with mold in my home?

When you suspect mold problems in your Goffstown home there are two primary types of professionals that you can consider hiring: mold inspectors and mold remediation firms.  When the situation is ambiguous it may be best to start with a mold inspector who can perform testing of your indoor environment.
A competent mold inspector will thoroughly examine your property. They will take environmental (air and surface) samples from your property and have them tested in a lab which will produce a report of any mold spores detected. The outcome following a mold inspection should be verification of no problems or confirmation of existing mold issues alone with a plan to remediate.
If a mold problem is confirmed by testing, it is now time to turn to a certified mold remediation firm. A remediation company, such as Soil-Away, will utilize the findings and scope of the mold inspector to effectively remove the mold problem.  The mold remediation scope varies from job-to-job, but professional remediation firms always emphasis personal safety, proper containment and source removal. You should plan to bring your mold inspector back to perform post-verification testing immediately following the remediation to ensure the job was completed correctly.

Mold remediation services for Goffstown, NH

Residents of Goffstown in need of a certified mold remediation company turn to Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services of Hooksett, NH. Soil-Away is IICRC master-certified and has been in business for over 25 years. To contact the mold professionals at Soil-Away call 603-641-6555.

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