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Mold growing in the corner of a bathtub shower

The Most Common Locations For Home Mold Growth

Out of all of the problems that homeowners would want to deal with, we’re willing to bet mold growth isn’t high on the list! Especially since it is one of the world’s most common allergens, it’s not to be taken lightly. It can even cause structural issues if it is allowed to spread! The best way to avoid any of the problems associated with mold growth is through prevention. Knowledge is key for this purpose, so you should have an idea of where mold most commonly grows. We’ll give you a guide...

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A close up of green mold on a white wall

Can Too Much Humidity Cause Mold Growth?

Mold is known as one of the most common allergens in the United States! Its health effects on the general public can vary from person to person, but it’s an eyesore and a serious issue regardless of how you look at it. The best way to stop mold growth is to prevent it from happening in the first place, and that involves knowing what conditions cause it to thrive. So, how does humidity factor into this equation? We’ll explain more about the relationship between humidity and mold growth below! What...

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A microscopic closeup of mold spores

What Are Mold Spores?

When it comes to the biggest issues you face as a homeowner, the problem of mold growth may arguably be the biggest. It’s one of the most common allergens out there, and even if you aren’t allergic to it, mold can still be detrimental to your overall health! The best way to stop the spread of mold is by preventing it from growing in the first place. This requires an understanding of how mold thrives and forms in the first place. Mold spores play a big role in their development, but what exactly...

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A young woman looks under her kitchen sink in horror as she finds mold growing in the white cabinets below it

The Homeowner’s Guide To Springtime Mold

If you were to ask homeowners what problem they feared the most, many of them would likely point to mold growth. After all, mold can be extremely dangerous! Many people are allergic to it, which can cause respiratory problems regardless of tolerance. This is why trying to prevent mold growth throughout the year is important. As spring gets into full swing, the opportunities for mold growth become much more abundant. We give you a guide to springtime mold and how to prevent its spread below! How...

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How Do I Clean Up Mold

How Do I Clean Up Mold?

Borax, a white powder that can be found in with laundry detergent is a good option for DIY mold removal.  Mix the borax powder with one gallon of hot water.  You can then apply the mixture to the area, scrubbing until the mold disappears.  The borax does not need to be rinsed off, as the residual will act as a deterrent to keep the mold from reappearing.  Other substances that can treat mold include baking soda, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Make sure areas are properly dried so that residual...

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Who should I hire to remove mold from my attic NEW HAMPSHIRE

Who Should I Hire to Remove Mold from My Attic?

When hiring a company to remove mold from your attic, you should find a company that is affordable, reputable, and has experienced technicians.  Serious mold removal is not typically a do-it-yourself job.  Anticipate investing time and money into getting rid of the mold and bringing your house back to its pre-mold state.  Choosing the wrong company can negatively impact your property and cause mold to spread.  The more mold cross-contaminates your space, the greater you and...

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water damage cleanup - salem, nh

Water Damage Cleanup – Salem, New Hampshire

“Help! I need water damage cleanup immediately!” This is what a Salem, New Hampshire woman yelled to her friend over the phone. She knew that her friend would know exactly what to do. She suffered a water loss recently and recovered quickly with a positive attitude about her experience, so she called to get a referral from someone she trusted. After hearing the details about the situation, her friend recommended Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services for help. The homeowner was nervous...

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mold remediation in attic Bedford NH

Mold Remediation in the Attic – Bedford, NH

You enter the attic in your Bedford, NH home and turn on the lights. While you try to look for an item, something catches your eye. You can’t pull your gaze and decide to have a look at it. The black specks, up close, alerts you to the presence of mold in the attic. There are various colors of mold in the attic: White, blue-green, gray, and black. While black mold is commonly labeled as toxic, it mostly indicated poor air quality. Mold remediation in the attic can easily be done. Before that,...

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Professional mold removal – Kennebunk, Maine

Professional Mold Removal – Kennebunk, Maine

M-O-L-D: Mold can be a problem. However, believe it or not, mold is everywhere. Much of it is found outdoors. It can be carried indoors through windows, doors, the HVAC systems, on peoples clothing as well as on pets. On its own it’s not really a problem. When it attaches to moist objects and the mold spores begin to grow and spread – then, you have a problem. If excessive mold growth is found inside a property a professional mold removal company is typically the remedy. Mold is a destructive...

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mold removal company wells, me

Mold Removal Company Hired in Wells, ME

After a storm hit Wells, ME, a warehouse was flooded and had several areas of water damage.  The managers of the warehouse hired a company to come and clean up the damage, but unaware to everyone, the cleanup was not thorough.  A few days later, mold started to develop.  The contents stored within the warehouse was becoming contaminated and some of it had to be thrown away, causing the warehouse to lose revenue.

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Mold Remediation – York, Maine

Mold Remediation – York, Maine

Mold growth at your York, ME property; the mere thought of it can bring shivers down your spine. Mold is virtually everywhere. It has its purpose in nature, but in the wrong setting it can be quite destructive and dangerous once the spores latch on to objects. If mold growth is discovered in your property, it is wise to call a professional mold remediation contractor to clean up the issue.

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Mold Removal Company - Londonderry, NH

Mold Removal Company – Londonderry, NH

Mold removal can be a hassle for any Londonderry, New Hampshire business or homeowner. No one likes to deal with it and for good reason. Without the proper tools, an at-home do-it-yourself approach can quickly become a waste of time. You can spend hours scraping and bleaching an affected area to only result in a superb coverup job — you may not be remediating the mold, thus only prolonging the problem. To ensure that you solve the mold problem, and get professional-level cleaning results, call...

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