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mold removal company wells, me

Mold Removal Company Hired in Wells, ME

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Mold.

After a storm hit Wells, ME, a warehouse was flooded and had several areas of water damage.  The managers of the warehouse hired a company to come and clean up the damage, but unaware to everyone, the cleanup was not thorough.  A few days later, mold started to develop.  The contents stored within the warehouse was becoming contaminated and some of it had to be thrown away, causing the warehouse to lose revenue.

The managers of the company were displeased that mold had developed after they cleaned up the water damage.  They now looked for a mold removal company.  They wanted a company that would complete more than just a cleanup, eliminate any new potential problems, and restore their warehouse to the state it was before the storm struck.

When Should One Look for a Mold Removal Company?

Just because water damage has been cleaned up and removed, this does not mean that another potential hazard could affect the previously water damaged area.  Mold exists as spores that are smaller than the eye can see.  These spores can develop just hours after the water damage.  If not properly eliminated alongside the water damage, these spores will develop into mold in the coming days, just as it did for the warehouse in Wells, ME.

As soon as there is water damage, look for a company that is both a water damage and mold removal company.  At first, the warehouse staff had hired a company that could eliminate water damage, but they weren’t aware of any mold.  If they had hired a company like Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, they would have had the job taken care of in a single trip.  Soil-Away has professionally trained IICRC technicians that have been in the mold removal and water damage restoration business for over twenty-five years.  A disaster relief company like Soil-Away would thoroughly check your property for any hazards, eliminate them in one trip, and offer precautionary advice to avoid future hazards.

What Causes Mold?

Some people find it hard to believe they need to check for mold after a home has been restored from water damage because there are serious non-visible indications that lead to mold.  Mold develops from a combination of these various causes:

  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • Darkness
  • Leaks
  • Condensation
  • Poor ventilation
  • Flooding
  • Dampness

When floods, leaks, and condensation cause dampness, it creates moisture.  Moisture combined with a food source (drywall, cardboard, wood, etc…) leads to mold spores developing.  Without knowing for certain, it’s always best to have a professional check for mold while they are restoring a home or business from water damage.  A combination of these factors, in the right conditions, can cause mold to develop.

Why Choose Soil-Away as your Mold Removal Company?

When the first company was unable to fully restore the warehouse in Wells, ME, the managers called Soil-Away as their mold removal company.  They were pleased by the punctuality, efficiency, and professionalism offered by the technicians from Soil-Away.  Soil-Away is a local company that will look at every aspect of your home or business in terms of disaster relief, whether it be water damage, fire damage, mold removal, or reconstruction.  Soil-Away offers 24-hour emergency services and has been in the business for over 25 years.  If you need more information about disaster relief, or you need disaster relief services, please call Soil-Away at 1-800-293-6319.

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