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Mold in Attic – Concord, NH

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Mold is a problem for many people, as it can develop in throughout your house, most commonly in the basement, bathrooms, crawlspaces, or the attic.  Mold in attic is one of the most common locations for Concord, NH homeowners to discover this unwanted inhabitant. The growth develops as a result of the right combination of moisture, a food source and time. Temperature and air flow can also be factors affecting mold growth. Attic mold typically is the result of one of four things: poor attic airflow/ventilation, improperly installed bathroom fan, ice dams or roof leaks.

Early signs and detection of mold in attic

If left unmitigated mold may continue to develop over time, and it not only disrupts the structure of your house, but it can also affect your health.  While mold effects everyone differently, some of the more common effects include coughing, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and throat, eye, or skin irritation.  Obviously, it is important to understand the potential effects of mold and the procedures one can use to prevent mold from spreading in your house.  Recently a homeowner in Concord, NH suspected she had mold in her attic, so she reached out to a mold testing company to verify if this was true.

Mold remediation estimate

Upon testing her attic and learning that she has mold, the customer contacted Soil-Away (603-641-6555).  Soil-Away is a local mold remediation company whom her neighbor claimed did an exceptional job on her own home.  Her neighbor advised her to call right away to get service before the mold would spread and cause further damage.  Everyone at Soil-Away was friendly and knowledgeable about the mold removal.  The certified estimators were professional when they came to review her property and provide a detailed scope for removing the mold.  The estimators were able to tell her where to start with the removal process and inform her of the best plan to eliminate and prevent mold from reoccurring in her attic.

Process of removing mold from attic

The mold remediation process starts with preventive measures to maximize safety for building occupants and to avoid cross-contamination. Plastic sheathing was put up all around the attic to ensure that the removal and residue dust would not cause a mess.  The specialists set up a negative air machine to ensure that once the removal took place, any residue dust would enter through the HEPA filters and come out as clean air.
After the removal specialists had set up for the mold removal, the customer was impressed at how quickly and efficiently they were able to remove the mold.  They used guns that sprayed dry ice at a high speed that vaporized the mold right off the sheathing.  The dry-ice blasting method made the mold in attic problem disappear. One of the final steps was to HEPA vacuum the entire attic to capture remaining mold spores. The customer praised their work and was amazed at how her attic looked brand new again.  The customer asked to take some business cards, so she could share with her family and friends the great professional work Soil-Away had done.

Attic mold removal service for Concord, NH

Don’t let mold in attic become a problem in your house.  Whether you suspect mold may be in your home or you are uncertain, call and seek a mold remediation estimate from Soil-Away (603-641-6555) right away to start the process of mold removal and ensure that you are on your way to a healthy and safe home.  Soil-Away is a local NH-based business, family-owned and operated since 1990. Staff and technicians are certified for mold remediation through the IICRC and IAQA.
Written by: A. Phelps

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