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Mold Removal Company – Londonderry, NH

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Mold removal can be a hassle for any Londonderry, New Hampshire business or homeowner. No one likes to deal with it and for good reason. Without the proper tools, an at-home do-it-yourself approach can quickly become a waste of time. You can spend hours scraping and bleaching an affected area to only result in a superb coverup job — you may not be remediating the mold, thus only prolonging the problem. To ensure that you solve the mold problem, and get professional-level cleaning results, call a mold removal company who is trained and experienced at dealing with this type of disaster.

Do-It-Yourself Water and Mold Damage Cleanup

Okay, so your home or office has experienced water damage. Maybe a pipe busted or an unattended faucet caused a major flood and you want to quickly resolve the situation by rolling up your sleeves and cleaning the mess yourself. Now, days have passed by and you are starting to smell an odd musty odor in the building. You did everything that you could to ensure that all of the water was removed. From vacuuming the area with your wet vacuum to using tons of fans to ventilate and dry out the area, but it didn’t work. With another disaster on your hands, you approach the new situation with the same can-do attitude and use bleach, scrubbers, and cleaning brushes to try and remove the surface-level mold growth. You could have made the situation much worse by spreading mold spores to other areas, thus infecting multiple rooms and hiking up your restoration expenses in the long run.

Certified Water Damage and Mold Removal Company

A professional water damage restoration and mold removal company gets the job done right the first time. By utilizing powerful water extraction machines and commercial dehumidifiers and fans, the excess water is removed much quicker and with less effort. They also have efficient tools to extract excess moisture from hard- to- clean materials such as concrete and hardwood floors. The team of professionals will then inspect the previously affected areas for any remaining moisture by using their moisture meters – this ensures that the material is completely dry before treating it with anti-microbial spray. This solution will help prevent mold from growing and restore your building back to pre-existing conditions.

It may sound like a great way to cut costs by taking on the job yourself, but as you can see, the average person just doesn’t have the tools necessary to ensure that the job gets done right the first time. If you don’t want to deal with mold growth down the line after a flood or pipe burst, professional water damage restoration is the way to go. 

If you stumble upon mold growth in your home or office, don’t try to clean it yourself. Not only could you spread it to others, but the exposure could potentially be lethal. Take necessary precautions to restrict access to this space and call an expert team in your area.

Mold Removal Company in Londonderry, New Hampshire

Soil-Away is a water damage restoration and mold removal company that services Londonderry, New Hampshire. This family-owned business has helped New England communities restore their homes and offices for over 25 years. Customers rest assured knowing that there is no problem too big for the crew to handle. For 24/7 emergency services, call (603) 641-6555.

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